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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/22/23

3 Up

1. Aid into Gaza - After days of destruction, having diplomats agree to open borders and opportunities to provide aid to those in Gaza is the biggest "Up" I can think of for the week. 

2. Pentagon Drops Yemen Missiles - Was I the only one that missed this story? Kind of a big deal, no? 

3. WNBA Finals - Despite he absolute gut punch it was for my New York Liberty, the WNBA Finals was a great series. Even better is the budding rivalry and drama that is brewing between Las Vegas and New York. 

3 Down

1. Palestinian Hospital Attack - All kinds of emotion, drama, blame, and conspiracy theories surround this. Ultimately, it just made everything worse. All of that aside, it's just the innocent folks in all of this that makes this awful. 

2. Chicago 6-Year-Old Stabbed Hate Crime - As the world goes mad, we've got this tremendously heartbreaking story out of Chicago. What is wrong with people?!

3. Samantha Woll Murder - And another one. While reports say antisemitism isn't the cause, it's hard not to feel that way considering this moment in time. 

3 Interested

1. Sidney Powell Plea - Trump's indictments almost feel like last year's news with the heavy feels for what is happening in Gaza and Israel. However, it sure is interesting that Powell has pleaded guilty and is willing to cooperate with authorities on charges of obstruction of the election. 

2. Michigan State "Hitler Quiz" - Seriously, it's understood that Michigan State used a third party for this, however, business and legalities aside - who does this?! Like, who approved and thought this was a good idea? 

3. New Olympic Sports - I'm not sure I care all that much for baseball and Lacrosse (sorry Laxers), however, I'm so interested in Cricket and yes, Flag Football.

Cover Photo

'ja Wilson #22 of the Las Vegas Aces celebrates with head coach Becky Hammon after defeating the New York Liberty during Game Four of the 2023 WNBA Finals at Barclays Center.

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

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DP Review of the Alternate Knicks Orange Jersey

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Quick Ponder: Daily Armor

Imagine, if we can see the dents and scratches, the smashes and chaos,  on the daily armor, each of us put on. Just imagine. 

Predictions and Wild Guesses for the 2024 MLB Season

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports After an off-season where the Los Angeles Dodgers spent the equivalent of a nation's GDP to acquire talent - I'm not sure if that's factual, but it felt like it - the 2024 MLB Season is finally here.  Sure, this Yankees fan is not just annoyed with the big spending of the Dodgers, but yeah, secretly envious as well. That used to be us, man!  Regardless, baseball is back on the docket. While my beloved New York Knicks have my attention and all of my heart, including what has been a fun March Madness period for men's and women's basketball, it's soothing to have baseball back. I can't explain what it is, but baseball just does that for me.  Nonetheless, let's do what we do in this post every year. Here are my wacky predictions and wild guesses for the 2024 season.  --- STANDINGS (WINS) AL EAST Orioles - 93 Yankees - 90 Blue Jays - 85 Red Sox - 82 Rays - 80 AL CENTRAL Twins - 88 Tigers - 86 Guardians - 81 Royals - 70 White Sox -