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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/11/24

3 Up

1. Super Bowl - That was an entertaining game! I'm definitely your football casual, so appropriately adjust your take in reading this. I rarely dive into the Super Bowl other than for social interest and custom, but I genuinely was glued to my seat watching this event - game and halftime performance. Well done, NFL. 

Also, a record of 123M people watching it - that's pretty good, too. 

1a. Patrick Mahomes/Chiefs - Congratulations to the Chiefs on a rarity in the NFL - back-to-back titles! Even more so, is the props towards Mahomes. Again, a super causal here, but that dude pulls me in. He's amazing. 

1b. Usher Performance - I was all about it. Amazingly, I'm now the age of the target demographic of the NFL for these halftime shows. Regardless, Usher killed it! 

2. Annie Ray - We often don't see these Grammys handed out, but kudos to Annie Ray for receiving a Grammy for her amazing work in music education. Definitely give this a quick read. 

3. Record Stocks - I've learned that the stock market isn't a good indicator of the overall economy. But from all indicators, it seems our economy is doing well despite real concerns for a long time. So to see stocks at an all-time record high, that's pretty assuring as well - or is it? 

3 Down

1. Five Marines in San Diego - Heartbreaking. Five families who now have their lives changed forever. And really, a reminder of how fragile the work so many in the military perform. 

2. Kenyan Cult Leader - We live in a VERY tough world where mental health and strength is needed. The leader of this cult in Kenya killed 191 children.

So incredibly sad and devastating. 

3. ESPN, FOX, & Warner Bros Streaming - Great. So we're headed back to what everyone thought we were running away from - Cable. 

3 Interesting

1. Mother of Michigan Gunman - The ruling this week certainly opens the door to hold parents accountable for mass shootings, more so, the access their children have to guns. 

2. Dartmouth Basketball Union - The men's basketball team at Dartmouth are set to really shake up the college athletics scene with their unionization. My opinion - this will take college athletics one step further to a landscape of haves and have-nots. Maybe even forcing some schools to reexamine athletics at their institutions. 

3. Immigration - Republicans will likely veto a bill on immigration this week. At this point, I'm not sure what either side wants to do on this issue other than utilize it for political purposes. Just my take...

Cover Photo

Mahomes lies on the ground after throwing the game-winning touchdown to Mecole Hardman Jr. 

Adam Hunger/AP

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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/23/24

3 Up 1. Connor McDavid - In what might be sports' biggest kept secret, McDavid has put up two 4-point performances in the Stanley Cup to not only force a game 7 for the Edmonton Oilers after being down 3-0, but solidify himself as one of the most dominant athletes in sports.  2. Marijuana Pardons - I've always had an issue with the way our society has moved into accepting marijuana legally, and thus, never rectified how we exploited black and brown communities by over-criminalizing the drug.  By the way, is it fair to say we lost the "war on drugs?" Just saying... 3. Inside Out 2 - I have yet to see it, but the film took advantage of a huge heat wave nationwide and became the highest-grossing film in 2024.  3 Down 1. Heat Wave - It. Was. Hot. Summers are becoming sort of ridiculous.  2. Ecuador - The country suffered a huge blackout with over 17 million people losing power. It's not what you want.  3. Justin Timberlake - This guy has all of the money in the worl