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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/4/24

3 Up

1. Tracy Chapman - It was pretty damn cool to see Chapman grace the stage - seemingly coming out of wherever she's been to lay down some tunes on her smash hit. Sorry, Luke Combs version is okay (not overly a fan of the cover), but having Chapman at the Grammys to sing alongside was an awesome moment. I'm a sucker for those collab moments in music. 

1a. Taylor Swift - Sticking with the Grammys, Taylor won best album of the year - as expected. Of course, Swift caps off an amazing 2023 by announcing she's dropping a new album in 2024 - thus crushing the hopes of every artist out there. Did you see faces when she announced that?! 

2. Neo Hutiri - Innovation in the healthcare field is needed, and Hutiri is doing in a space where it is very much needed in Africa. It's a great story where he is changing the game via a smart locker dispenser system, getting meds and prescriptions to patients at a much quicker pace. 

3. Carl Weathers - My guy. From Rocky, to Predator, to Action Jackson, and so much more - Weathers was a staple for so many of us growing up. Long live Apolo Creed. And yes, despite the tragedy that is forever notorious in Rocky IV, I still think Sly killed off the character too soon. 

3 Down

1. Eplicit AI Images - We've entered a new low regarding technology. Call me whatever you want, but it's about time we begin to reign in and heavily legislate some of these actions. Society has lost itself...

2. Hate Crimes in Schools/Colleges - Hate crimes in educational spaces have doubled since 2019. And it only feels like it's getting worse with parents and adults adding to the mess with their own political influence and lack of communal values. Just my two cents...

3. Taylor Swift Conspiracy - Folks really believe the NFL is rigged to get Swift to the Super Bowl to influence her audience to vote for Joe Biden, thus, impacting (or manipulating?) the 2024 Presidential election. SMH.

It hasn't been dialed up yet, and I already despise the upcoming Presidential election period.

Cover Photo

Carl Weathers (L), as Apollo Creed, in action vs Sylvester Stallone (L), as Rocky Balboa, during a fight sequence in filming on the set of "Rocky II" movie. 

 Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

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2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Keeps Me Casual on Hockey

It's been a long time since I've talked hockey on this.  Wait! Huh? Come again? Yes, hockey. In fact, the last time I posted anything, I was mesmerized by the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers.  Fast forward to 2024, and my hockey fandom took another step forward. For years I've been the admitted casual. And you know what, I'm okay with that. Unfortunately, my unconditional love fandom for my New York Knicks presents a conflict that will forever curtail anything serious from happening between hockey and myself.  Nonetheless, I felt like this post-season heightened my hockey fandom to another level. Hockey is amazingly awesome. I very much enjoyed the Stanley Cup Playoffs, caught myself choosing Rangers games over early April Yankees baseball, and overall, found myself playing NHL 24 on the ol' Playstation 4.  Yeah, I fell hard. But before I shelf my spring fling with hockey until April 2025, here are just a few quick pon

Wanting the Alternate Route For Bronny James

Welcome to the NBA, Bronny James!  In what was the worst-kept novelty of a storyline in the sports world in LeBron and Bronny one day gracing the NBA together, we're finally here!  First, congrats to Bronny! Entering the NBA is incredibly difficult, especially more than ever considering its global reach. Regardless, he is now part of the fraternity and amongst the elite in the game. Haters will say what they want, but he's there.  And second, congratulations to LeBron and Savannah James. What will be lost in all of this is that they raised a strong young man who yes, took advantage of his access and genetics, and is now at this point in his life - his ultimate goal. Bronny at the core, had no reason to want this - none. He easily could have rested, relaxed, and enjoyed the spoils of this birth lottery. Instead, he wanted what h knew would be the shadow of a massive legacy - and still did the work. That takes guts.  I commend the kid for not resting on Dad's name and wealth.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/23/24

3 Up 1. Connor McDavid - In what might be sports' biggest kept secret, McDavid has put up two 4-point performances in the Stanley Cup to not only force a game 7 for the Edmonton Oilers after being down 3-0, but solidify himself as one of the most dominant athletes in sports.  2. Marijuana Pardons - I've always had an issue with the way our society has moved into accepting marijuana legally, and thus, never rectified how we exploited black and brown communities by over-criminalizing the drug.  By the way, is it fair to say we lost the "war on drugs?" Just saying... 3. Inside Out 2 - I have yet to see it, but the film took advantage of a huge heat wave nationwide and became the highest-grossing film in 2024.  3 Down 1. Heat Wave - It. Was. Hot. Summers are becoming sort of ridiculous.  2. Ecuador - The country suffered a huge blackout with over 17 million people losing power. It's not what you want.  3. Justin Timberlake - This guy has all of the money in the worl