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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/2/24

3 Up

1. Bruhat Soma - Every year I'm amazed by the Scripps Spelling Bee champion. This year is no different. Even crazier is Bruhat is 12 years old. Unreal. 

2. Negro League Baseball Stats - MLB finally consolidated the statistics of the Negro Leagues into that of Major League Baseball, forever changing so many of the all-time lists we've become accustomed to. The irony is that baseball served as a beacon for integration within our society, and here, it is serving as a way to acknowledge the wrongs of the past. 

By the way, it's amazing to see so many people vastly upset by this. 

3. Mexico Presidential Race - Mexico is set to elect a new President next week, and since the two favorites are women in Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez, it almost guarantees that Mexico will have it's first female president. 

Meanwhile, here in the States, we're running back the the most embarrassing rematch in two white men over 80 years of age. Mexico's race makes you wonder - we HAVE to have better candidates in this country for President, no? 

3 Down

1. Donald Trump Convicted - I tried to put what happened this week into words. Truthfully, it's just wild that a former President is now a convicted felon, and can possibly win a second term. 

2. "Rigged Trial" Believers - Trump said his trial was rigged. So, of course, that is something a certain audience would believe. Now, it's a working narrative in the political space. The justice system is rigged against Donald Trump. It's amazing the lengths some will go to stay on the Trump support train. 

3. Ticketmaster - A massive breach in security data has leaked tons of information about users onto the internet. As much as Ticketmaster charges for live events, and their ridiculous fees included, the company is ripe for criticism. And justifiably so. 

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U.S. surfer Caroline Marks competes during the Shiseido Tahiti pro in Teahupoʻo, on the French Polynesian Island of Tahiti, on May 25, 2024. Teahupoʻo will host the surfing events of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. #

Jerome Brouillet / AFP / Getty

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I turn 39 today, and everything I read in regards to such a "milestone" is that it's dealing with the anxiety of turning 40. The big 4-0!  Yet, I sit here punching the keys completely unaware of fears, trepidations, and emotions towards the future. Instead, I find myself immersed in the present - in exactly that, 39. I also find myself slightly looking back on the road to get here - my final year in my 30s.  I look back on my thoughts on turning 30 ( Praying on a Cool Thirty ) and, ironically, I very much vibe and can feel the essence of where I was at the time. At the time, turning thirty meant a whoooooooooooole sort of different expectations and responsibilities. I am in that same place - a center of gratitude for the journey. My 30s have been a ride.  For me, I became a father, and I lost my father. I lost one of my best friends, yet, I gained another in my son - and then a second one just recently. I finished coursework on my second Masters degree, and I also watch

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Trump Conviction: Hard to Describe This Time in History

You just have to shake your head at the reality of the situation.  A former President of the United States was just convicted - on several counts - of a crime.  It's the kind of thing, even in a post-Trump Presidency, where even strange things seem normalized, going too far is desensitized, and you ultimately laugh hysterically at the uber strangeness to suppress the sadness, that even this - THIS! - is still attention-grabbing.  It's no secret if you follow this site - I'm no Trump supporter. I understand why voters elected him in 2016 and struggle to understand why so many stay with him through it all for a 2024 campaign.  We've reach a new level where American voters will outright neglect crimes, and vote to elect a convicted felon as President of the United States. It's quite hard to describe this time in history.  Yet, here we are.  Several other quick thoughts:  I still wonder whether Trump wins or loses, how does the Republican party move on after Trump? I do