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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/12/23

3 Up

1. Turkish and Syrian Rescue Teams - The entire region hit by a massive 7.8 earthquake earlier this week is in disarray. All the credit, thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and whatever else possible, towards those who are frantically rescuing those alive, or giving them a fighting chance to do so. 

2. LeBron Breaks All-Time Record - It's really, really, really an impressive feat for LeBron James. And even after all of that thought and reflection, you realize the dude isn't done! LeBron can quite frankly finish with 40,000+ points. Unbelievable. 

3. Biden State of the Union - I'm giving Biden some props here. With hecklers, a continuing political climate that seems only to be getting worse, and so much more, Biden delivered a great speech, and at times, pinned his opposition in various areas - specifically that point of the night where stated" ok, so we agree on social security then". Not bad for the guy everyone thinks has no fight. 

3 Down

1. Turkey and Syria Earthquake - Over 28,000 people died. The region, already torn apart by war, internal conflict, and more, is now further in destruction following the massive 7.8-scale earthquake. All sorts of prayers to those in the area...

2. Ohio Train Derailment - A story we're not discussing nearly enough. I can only imagine how those substances will affect the individuals in that area. I'm getting all sorts of Erin Brokovich vibes on this one. 

3. Brooklyn Nets - I can't wait for the documentary on how big of a failure this entire period was for the Nets. 

1 Awesome

1. Rhianna - She comes back pregnant and delivers an amazing halftime performance. All the love and props to RiRi.

Cover Photo

Rihanna floats over the State Farm Stadium on a levitating platform. 

Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

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