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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/26/23

3 Up

1. Jason Arday Story - I absolutely love stories like this. Jason Arday overcame autism, and a delayed reading track, and stands today as a young black professor at Cambridge University. Absolutely amazing. I love stories like this. 

2. Femke Bol - I will forever be amazed at track athletes. It's probably because I'm so slow. Nonetheless, Bol smashed a four-decade-long world record in the 400M. This week has been filled with some fantastic human-accomplishment stories. 

3. Brian 'Thee beast' Story - Continuing the trend this week is this story about an individual who used video games as not just an interest but an escape from poverty. Again...great stuff this week. 

3 Down 

1. Ohio Toxic Crash - There is so much happening out of this incident in Ohio that is unfortunate, and even more that feels speculative, secretive, and somewhat controversial enough for great concern. So many "Erin-Brokovich-like" vibes coming out of this incident. 

2. Turkey Aftershocks - As if Turkey already didn't have enough to overcome the devastating earthquakes, the region suffered through serious aftershocks this week causing even more wreckage and fatalities, and further disrupting the recovery effort. 

3. Extreme Weather - Southern California is under snow? What is going on? 

1 Interesting

1. ChatGPT - I had a student share with me their use of this app - it's absolutely frightening that we don't even have to work on communication. It is absolutely frightening. 

2. Mississippi Lawmakers - Have you looked into the policy being discussed - some enacted - in Mississippi? It's head shaking and worrisome. Lynching? Forms of Segregation? What are we doing? 

3. Healthcare Shortage - A New York Times article discussed the growing shortage of healthcare workers, many of who are burned out following the Golabl Pandemic. What happened to the reverence we had for these essential workers? 

Cover Photo

Femke Bol, the Olympic 400m hurdles bronze medalist, broke the longest-standing world record in a track race, taking down a 41-year-old record in the women’s indoor 400m on Sunday.

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Recent Favorites

Turning 39 - One Last Go-Around in My 30s

I turn 39 today, and everything I read in regards to such a "milestone" is that it's dealing with the anxiety of turning 40. The big 4-0!  Yet, I sit here punching the keys completely unaware of fears, trepidations, and emotions towards the future. Instead, I find myself immersed in the present - in exactly that, 39. I also find myself slightly looking back on the road to get here - my final year in my 30s.  I look back on my thoughts on turning 30 ( Praying on a Cool Thirty ) and, ironically, I very much vibe and can feel the essence of where I was at the time. At the time, turning thirty meant a whoooooooooooole sort of different expectations and responsibilities. I am in that same place - a center of gratitude for the journey. My 30s have been a ride.  For me, I became a father, and I lost my father. I lost one of my best friends, yet, I gained another in my son - and then a second one just recently. I finished coursework on my second Masters degree, and I also watch

Exorcising Demons with a Breen "Double Bang!"

These sorts of moments feel like they don't happen to us.  Well, they happen VERY rarely - I'm talking Larry Johnson's 4-point play-rare. Yeah, it's been THAT long.  But watching this New York Knicks team score eight points in less than thirty-five seconds, including a sequence that will forever live in my fandom, sits right with that LJ garden-rocking shot.  I sat on my couch in absolute shock at what I just saw.  "How the hell did they just win that game?!"  It's the kind of moment this fanbase deserves. It's the moment that releases and exorcises some demons that haunt us from the trauma of experiences.  Namely you, Reggie Miller.  I loved it. And the icing on the cake was Mike Breen - Oh, Mike Breen, the loveable man with the most epic voice that has narrated so much of my basketball-loving fandom - with not one, but two signature "Bang!" calls.  I'll never let this one down. Ever.  I'm not sure where this team will wrap up the se

Disappointed It's Over. Glad It Happened - "I Love This Friggin Team"

I'm disappointed.  Not because I expected a championship. No, that feeling has been very rare within my Knicks fandom.  I'm disappointed because this season is now over. Done. The ride, the thrill, the heartache, and the overwhelming way this team gets me amped and carries me through my personal life is over.  I loved this season. I LOVE THIS TEAM.  This Knicks team, for me, is just short of that 98-99 squad that I still hold as my all-time favorite. If you know me personally, yes, that is the team (and playoff run) in which I wore my Knicks "Hubert Davis" jersey to school every day (literally, every day - to the point my parents received a phone call from the school). Ahh yes, that team that was the #8 seed that ran it all the way to the NBA Finals.  I wasn't ready for it to end, but not only was it inevitable, but not sustainable. And how fitting, rather than losing on a buzzer-beater, or a fluke call, or something that would've likely left me in a mood and