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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Review: "Pumped for Wrestlemania"

The WWE continued the massive machine moving towards Wrestlemania with this Elimination Chamber event. It was likely the most anticipated Elimination Chamber for this fan in recent memory, and it didn't disappoint in any way. This has been the trend for the company since Triple H has taken over creative (just my opinion, though, not a massive hot take). 

Of course, like many others, I was hooked because of the payoff (or first of many to come?) of the highly acclaimed Sami Zayn/Bloodline story with the eventual clashing of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. Also, it should probably be said, that Roman Reigns is just money (sorry, Carmella). The dude just is. He's at a level where he is a must-watch and feels enough like a rare, yet, big deal, whenever he is stepping into the ring. 

I've often said the oversaturation of the wrestlers is currently a plague in pro wrestling. Roman is the perfect example of that holding some water. 

Nonetheless, here are some of my quick thoughts on this premium live event (I'm getting used to that): 

- The women's Elimination Chamber was a good opening. I never - not once - believed that Asuka wouldn't be walking out of the Chamber with a victory. The math was on the wall after Rhea selected Charlotte. But that's okay! This was still a good match, and I do think the WWE is starting to give a platform for a group of women that could be special in their women's division. 

Sidenote: No one does Women's wrestling like Impact Wrestling - just my opinion. 

Asuka vs. Bianca Belair should be great. Am I the only one expecting (new) Asuka to get the strap at Mania? 

- Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar just doesn't feel as it should. The whole rivalry feels like it should be a megadeal for a Wrestlemania - hasn't it always? I expected some type of screwy finish to push this toward Wrestlemania where we'll get the payoff. 

Speaking of stars - Brock STILL feels like a big damn deal after all of these years. Where does he rank in all-time greats for the company? I think that's a serious discussion. 

- I very much loved the men's Elimination Chamber match. I very much have been enjoying how both the Intercontinental and United Stated championships have been elevated with their being one true top champion in the company. I might be the only one, but I do like it that way. 

Man, Montez Ford is going to be a star someday. 

I'm a fan of Bronson Reed (fka JONAH). I did wish he stayed at Impact Wrestling, but glad he is getting some love on WWE programming. He feels like a Triple H guy, and I'm sure he'll get his due. He looked tremendous tonight. 

Austin Theory continues to be a star. I can't remember anything the guy has done lately that hasn't been entertaining (so was his post-show press conference where he stayed in character). 

The whole Logan Paul thing is interesting to me. I don't necessarily see him as the YouTube sensation because well, I had no idea who he was in that world or from that perspective. However, the guy has a serious gift for this pro wrestling thing - so to me, he's a pro wrestler. He and Seth Rollins should be great at Wrestlemania. 

- Before I get to the final match - damn, Montreal is an awesome wrestling city. The crowd was hot and loud all night long. Get this city more events going forward. 

- I never once believed Sami Zayn would win here, or would even headline Wrestlemania. Nothing against Sami, but I have believed the right call here is to let Cody finish his story at Wrestlemania. However, call me crazy, but I also think there are opportunities to have this story go THROUGH Wrestlemania. The story doesn't seem like it'll have a definitive end (other than Roman's championship reign) and can produce other stars such as Jey Uso and further elevating Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. 

This match was great drama, and again, elevated to heights of greatness due to the Montreal crowd. 

Reigns winning definitely let out a huge gust of oomph from the crowd, which was expected. Kevin Owens not directly helping Sami was nice, because, why would he? 

Again, this whole storyline makes you believe once again in pro wrestling and is likely to be this generation's go-to for why they love this art form. 


Once again, a great show and I'm very much pumped for Wrestlemania and where it all goes. 

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