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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/20/23

3 Up

1. Lahaina Community Promise - After everything we've seen in Hawaii and the wildfires in Hawaii, sometimes it feels "too early" to discuss the future, or the shift that can take place going forward. Kudos to the Governor who ensured this week that the Lahaina Community will have a say in the area's rebuild. We won't say it out of respect to the present, but the area is ripe for transition with tourists and other types of gentrification. 

2. Spain, Women's World Cup - A big win this week as the women of Spain wrap up the Women's World Cup with a 1-0 victory over England. 

3. Netflix Suits - I watched Suits when it aired on the USA Network and consider it one of my favorite TV Shows, ever. Seeing its renaissance on Netflix has been cool. Even more so, watching it (alongside another favorite in Bluey) at the center of the changing dynamics of television-watching culture has been interesting. 

3 Down

1. Extreme Weather - Another week, more crazy weather, huh? Breaking this week down into a few sub-sets...

1a. Maui Wildfires - Yeah, the obvious. The images and videos have been surreal. 

1b. Northwest Climate - More 100+ degree weather in areas not used to such climate. Especially areas not flush with air conditioning infrastructure. 

1c. Hurricane Hilary - And if things couldn't get more weird, we've got hurricanes on the Pacific, and extensive rain in the desert of Las Vegas. So yeah, um, what?!

2. Mortgage Rates - Home buying is beginning to get all kinds of hard as mortgage rates have reached a twenty-year high soaring past 7%. I don't understand the economy, the job market, or pretty much anything, these days. 

3. COVID Uptick - Yup, it looks like it's back. We all know someone who has had it recently. And seeing masks once again pop-up more frequently in social settings has been noticeable. Stay safe y'all. 

Cover Photo

Spain's Oga Carmona celebrates after scoring a goal during the Women's World Cup soccer final between Spain and England at Stadium Australia.

AP Photo/Mark Baker

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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/11/24

3 Up 1. Super Bowl - That was an entertaining game! I'm definitely your football casual, so appropriately adjust your take in reading this. I rarely dive into the Super Bowl other than for social interest and custom, but I genuinely was glued to my seat watching this event - game and halftime performance. Well done, NFL.  Also, a record of 123M people watching it - that's pretty good, too.  1a. Patrick Mahomes/Chiefs - Congratulations to the Chiefs on a rarity in the NFL - back-to-back titles! Even more so, is the props towards Mahomes. Again, a super causal here, but that dude pulls me in. He's amazing.  1b. Usher Performance - I was all about it. Amazingly, I'm now the age of the target demographic of the NFL for these halftime shows. Regardless, Usher killed it!  2. Annie Ray - We often don't see these Grammys handed out, but kudos to Annie Ray for receiving a Grammy for her amazing work in music education. Definitely give this a quick read.  3. Record Stocks -