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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/6/23

3 Up

1. Postpartum Depression Pill - The FDA approved an oral treatment to help women with postpartum depression, and that's pretty cool. The entire experience surrounding pregnancies and families feels like it's become more difficult if you just watched your nightly news. It's great to see some steps in a positive direction for a topic that still feels taboo. 

2. Simone Biles Wins U.S. Classsic - She's back. And it looks like she's better than ever. Biles returned after two years and well, yeah, she won. As always. 

3. Job Market - I have no idea how to explain the job market. It's weird. We keep hearing about a potential recession, yet, job growth is still on the rise, and well, it feels like no one wants to work. All of it, is weird. Regardless, job growth is a good thing. Yeah?

3 Down

1. Niger Coup - I wish our media focused on international affairs more, but you can definitely argue we have enough here at home to digest. Regardless, the coup in Niger with a President being removed and the nation being governed by a nation is just wild. And of course, can't be good. 

2. New York City Migrants - As the city becomes filled with more and more migrants, it's tone-deaf to see the solution from city officials who often have a "welcoming stance" behind such topics and opt to build tents in Central Park for these individuals. Why not use the thousands of vacated office spaces in New York City? 

3. United States Women's National Team - Nothing against the team, but yeah, the finish is super disappointing. I'm a big fan of Carli Lloyd, and her criticism definitely feels like it came to fruition here. 

3a. Those Rooting Against USWNT - I just don't understand those who rooted against the team from the stance of doing so because of political positioning. None of it makes sense. 

3 Interesting

1. Union Square Riot - This. Was. Wild. Even scarier for a millennial like me is the fact that I have NO understanding of who Kai Cenat was before this, and really, the true power of "influencers". Are our youth really just streaming all day? 

2. Trump Indictments - Yes, all of this is unprecedented. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around a former President and all of this legal trouble, him running, and of course, some who still are ride or die for the guy. 

3. Alabama Dock Fight - There was just so much to dissect in that video. The optics were terrible, and really, just speaks to where we are in America. The man was just doing his job! Move your boat! 

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Tourists walk through a flooded St Mark's Square after unusually high water levels in Venice, Italy, on August 1, 2023.

Manuel Silvestri / Reuters

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