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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/31/24

3 Up

1. Bridge Workers - In all of the wreckage and tragedy that occurred and has been discussed in regards to the Baltimore Bridge Collapse, there are bridge workers who raced to stop cars from crossing the bridge upon hearing the ship's "Mayday" alerts. Those are some real unsung heroes who likely saved many lives. 

2. Social Media Changes in UK - Social media reveals itself more and more as a plague on society. Well, recent sanctions (and changes) by social media companies in the United Kingdom are making social media more responsible for children. I'm curious to see the data of results in human changes following these initiatives. 

3. Easter - He. Is. Risen! 

3 Down

1. Baltimore Bridge Collapse - Such an awful story. Each day reveals how precious our lives are, and just how random it can be. This recent story carries so much from safety, appreciation of life, and the long lengths many go to in the international trading industry. 

2. South African Bus Crash - An amazingly sad story. A bus crash in South Africa, which originally had a destination for Easter, resulted in 80 individuals perishing when their bus exploded after crashing. One little girl is the sole survivor. Please keep this girl in your prayers. 

3. Trump Bible? - Ah mean, this dude hawks anything and everything. And those unconditionally devoted to him eat it all up. But really, we;re branding Bibles, now? Seriously? What are we doing? SMH. 

3 Interesting 

1. Sean Combs - Didy's house getting raided by the Federal government has opened up so many doors for discussion and of course, innuendo. 

2. Shohei Ohtani - I'm just not buying this story of the gambling addict translator. There HAS to be more to this, right? 

3. Big 3 Offer to Caitlin Clark - Look, this definitely sparked some controversy. However, as a fan of the Big 3, I've long thought the league should be capitalizing on big names, the way it did in its first season. The Clark offer is surely an interesting one. Especially considering the current pay in the NBA. 

She can do both, right? 

3a. WNBA - Also, as much s I love the WNBA, Clark (and others) are going to force the league to quickly evolve, or at the very least, seriously examine it's pay model.

Cover Photo 

Beyonce's Cowboy Carter Album Cover

Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment 

Recent Favorites

DP Review of the Alternate Knicks Orange Jersey

One of the good aspects about having a blog and being truthful and honest about it, is the hindsight thought process it provides. DP devotees already know how much I love my New York Knicks, and how excited I was about their new jerseys last year. It was a new look that was desperately needed ( DP Review On Knicks New Uniforms ).  In reviewing those jerseys last year, I had the following comments in regards to then-rumors regarding the addition of an alternative orange jersey for the Knicks and overall NBA changes to the Christmas Day special jerseys:  "As long as we do not add an "alternative jersey" (I read rumors of an orange one - woof!) (and the league-wide Spanish jerseys are fine). And please, please - PLEASE - let's finally do away with the awful green jerseys we feel the need to wear on Christmas and St. Patrick's day! Pretty please!"

Quick Ponder: Free and Guarded

Stay free. But keep the gate to  your peace, guarded.

WWE Wrestlemania XL Review: "I absolutely loved this Wrestlemania"

It's easy to get caught up and become a prisoner of the moment. Especially in today's world where the latest moment is ostracized, super-analyzed, and hyperbolized - it's very much the clickbait, social media, microwave society we live in.  Yet, even after acknowledging that (as well as my Tribal Chief, of course), I still come to this feeling that Wrestlemania XL is one of the best Wrestlemania's, ever.  Yes, ever!  I don't need Triple H's metrics and benchmarks to influence me. No, no, no! In terms of hype, storylines, payoffs, match quality, and just overall fun - this entire weekend was amazing.  I'm slightly skewed in my preference as well. This was my son's first Wrestlemania as a pro wrestling fan. Having him at my side cheering on his favorites, getting caught up in the drama, and even crying at the end of the night because his Tribal Chief lost to "that no good Cody" added to the overall appreciation of the event.  So yeah, I have some