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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/31/24

3 Up

1. Bridge Workers - In all of the wreckage and tragedy that occurred and has been discussed in regards to the Baltimore Bridge Collapse, there are bridge workers who raced to stop cars from crossing the bridge upon hearing the ship's "Mayday" alerts. Those are some real unsung heroes who likely saved many lives. 

2. Social Media Changes in UK - Social media reveals itself more and more as a plague on society. Well, recent sanctions (and changes) by social media companies in the United Kingdom are making social media more responsible for children. I'm curious to see the data of results in human changes following these initiatives. 

3. Easter - He. Is. Risen! 

3 Down

1. Baltimore Bridge Collapse - Such an awful story. Each day reveals how precious our lives are, and just how random it can be. This recent story carries so much from safety, appreciation of life, and the long lengths many go to in the international trading industry. 

2. South African Bus Crash - An amazingly sad story. A bus crash in South Africa, which originally had a destination for Easter, resulted in 80 individuals perishing when their bus exploded after crashing. One little girl is the sole survivor. Please keep this girl in your prayers. 

3. Trump Bible? - Ah mean, this dude hawks anything and everything. And those unconditionally devoted to him eat it all up. But really, we;re branding Bibles, now? Seriously? What are we doing? SMH. 

3 Interesting 

1. Sean Combs - Didy's house getting raided by the Federal government has opened up so many doors for discussion and of course, innuendo. 

2. Shohei Ohtani - I'm just not buying this story of the gambling addict translator. There HAS to be more to this, right? 

3. Big 3 Offer to Caitlin Clark - Look, this definitely sparked some controversy. However, as a fan of the Big 3, I've long thought the league should be capitalizing on big names, the way it did in its first season. The Clark offer is surely an interesting one. Especially considering the current pay in the NBA. 

She can do both, right? 

3a. WNBA - Also, as much s I love the WNBA, Clark (and others) are going to force the league to quickly evolve, or at the very least, seriously examine it's pay model.

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Beyonce's Cowboy Carter Album Cover

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Recent Favorites

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Keeps Me Casual on Hockey

It's been a long time since I've talked hockey on this.  Wait! Huh? Come again? Yes, hockey. In fact, the last time I posted anything, I was mesmerized by the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers.  Fast forward to 2024, and my hockey fandom took another step forward. For years I've been the admitted casual. And you know what, I'm okay with that. Unfortunately, my unconditional love fandom for my New York Knicks presents a conflict that will forever curtail anything serious from happening between hockey and myself.  Nonetheless, I felt like this post-season heightened my hockey fandom to another level. Hockey is amazingly awesome. I very much enjoyed the Stanley Cup Playoffs, caught myself choosing Rangers games over early April Yankees baseball, and overall, found myself playing NHL 24 on the ol' Playstation 4.  Yeah, I fell hard. But before I shelf my spring fling with hockey until April 2025, here are just a few quick pon

Wanting the Alternate Route For Bronny James

Welcome to the NBA, Bronny James!  In what was the worst-kept novelty of a storyline in the sports world in LeBron and Bronny one day gracing the NBA together, we're finally here!  First, congrats to Bronny! Entering the NBA is incredibly difficult, especially more than ever considering its global reach. Regardless, he is now part of the fraternity and amongst the elite in the game. Haters will say what they want, but he's there.  And second, congratulations to LeBron and Savannah James. What will be lost in all of this is that they raised a strong young man who yes, took advantage of his access and genetics, and is now at this point in his life - his ultimate goal. Bronny at the core, had no reason to want this - none. He easily could have rested, relaxed, and enjoyed the spoils of this birth lottery. Instead, he wanted what h knew would be the shadow of a massive legacy - and still did the work. That takes guts.  I commend the kid for not resting on Dad's name and wealth.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/23/24

3 Up 1. Connor McDavid - In what might be sports' biggest kept secret, McDavid has put up two 4-point performances in the Stanley Cup to not only force a game 7 for the Edmonton Oilers after being down 3-0, but solidify himself as one of the most dominant athletes in sports.  2. Marijuana Pardons - I've always had an issue with the way our society has moved into accepting marijuana legally, and thus, never rectified how we exploited black and brown communities by over-criminalizing the drug.  By the way, is it fair to say we lost the "war on drugs?" Just saying... 3. Inside Out 2 - I have yet to see it, but the film took advantage of a huge heat wave nationwide and became the highest-grossing film in 2024.  3 Down 1. Heat Wave - It. Was. Hot. Summers are becoming sort of ridiculous.  2. Ecuador - The country suffered a huge blackout with over 17 million people losing power. It's not what you want.  3. Justin Timberlake - This guy has all of the money in the worl