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Brunson's 61 - "We Finally Have Our Guy"

It was about ten years ago. I got on this site and marveled at the performance of Carmelo Anthony in Madison Square Garden vs. the [then] Charlotte Bobcats.

Then Carmelo decided to go bonkers. 62 points!

I had that feeling again tonight with Jalen Brunson scoring 61 points in a loss

It was one point short of the Knicks single-game scoring record, and the third 60-point performance in the history of the franchise. But after tonight's loss to the San Antonio Spurs, in a game that likely will be discussed as the game Victor Wembanyama started to put it together, Jalen Brunson secured 61 points in what may be the best offensive game for a New York Knick that I've witnessed in my lifetime. 

Yes, Melo's 62 was remarkable.

There was the recent gem by Julius Randle last year against the T-Wolves where I thought he would smash Melo's 62 (and break the record in MSG) before the wheels fell off like this game did. 

How can I forget Allan Houston's 53-points against Kobe's Lakers in Los Angeles? Ditto on his other 50-point performance against the Milwaukee Bucks. 

I'm a huge Jamal Crawford guy - and still adore his 52-point game against the Miami Heat in 2007

Of course, you get the point.

But there is something about tonight's offensive output and the mentality, which places this game above them all. It's also the battle with Wembanyama - who will likely be a serious problem once he figures everything out. 

Maybe it's just the beauty and poetry of his game. The immense footwork and savvy coupled with the six-foot, "1-A" frame who routinely gets it done. 

Special. That's all I can say. Super special. Superstar-like, special. 

We finally have our guy. 

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