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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/17/24

3 Up

1. Virginia Ends Legacy Admissions - There is the obvious on this, right? Like, why is this even a thing to begin with? I'm very curious to see the effects of this in Virginia. For all of the discussion on race-equity-based admissions, and affirmative-action measures, legacy admissions have long gone without scrutiny. 

2. Kyrie Irving Buzzer-Beater - Look, this is at #2 for mere appreciation of basketball - at the purity and poetry of it. Irving, arguably the most skilled player ever (despite his actions and your opinions of him) hit a game-winning left-handed (!!) hook shot from 16 feet out to win a game. It's simply unreal. It's a thing of beauty (and such difficulty!). 

I'm headed out to the driveway to try it - we all know you will too. 

3. COVID Anniversary - Ah yes, we'll continue to remember mid-March for COVID. But let it now steer you away from other thoughts on how the world was reduced to essentials. Let's never lose that outlook. 

3 Down

1. Boeing Failures - Boeing is a mess and is under high scrutiny with planes just falling apart mid-air. 

1a. Barnett's Death - And then there is THIS story. Whew...

2. Subway Violence - I ride the NYC Subway every day for work, and the rumors of its safety are mixed. NYC is definitely different AFTER the pandemic. The latest event of the strap-hanger who had to utilize self-defense and cause hysteria as the train pulled into the station is just another notch on my heightened sensory. 

The National Guard and State Troopers being deployed by Governor Hochul feels, well, weird. But whatevs. 

3. Tik Tok Ban - I don't care for Tik Tok. I do agree it's been super harmful to society. Just my opinion. However, it's rather interesting that Congress got together and passed a bill so quickly and effortlessly surrounding its usage here in the States. Why can't we do that with other topics? *coughguncontrol*

1 Interesting

1. Selection Sunday - Ah yes. Love the basketball. Despise all of the sudden "experts" analysis on who should be in and who got snubbed. 

Cover Photo

Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving (11) shoots the winning final-second basket against Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, top center right, defends in an NBA basketball game in Dallas, Sunday, March 17, 2024. 

AP Photo/LM Otero

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