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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Taken (2008)

What it's about?

The thrill seek of a former government spy with specialized skills that has 96 hours to save his daughter from being forced into the underground trafficking world of young American women in Europe.

Who is in it?

Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills

Maggie Grace - Kim

Leland Orsor - Sam

Jon Gries - Casey

Olivier Rabourdin - Jean-Claude

Favorite Scene

While speaking to her father, Bryan, on the phone from Europe, Kim witnesses the break-in of a couple of men who scuffle with her friend and eventually take her. Her father orders her what to do as she waits in fright under the bed for her to be taken.

Favorite Quote

"Okay, stay calm. They are now going to take you."


Taken is a film that has very little depth to it, written for the suspense and action junkie. Despite being filled with chase scenes, big stunts, and numerous fighting action, Taken sells itself on sheer adrenaline.

The characters are rushed in terms of development, and "Bryan" seems very one-dimensional despite early scenes used to make him seem like a normal everyday-joe kind of guy. Also, Taken left several holes in the plot as it progressed. Characters that he comes across in his quest are not followed up on or are phased out leaving the viewer with question marks. Not to mention Bryan's MacGuyver-like ability to always have what he needs for the current moment without any explanation of where it came from.

All in all, Taken seems all the bit too rushed. It strikingly resembles a modern Steven Seagal movie, which is up to you to interpret. However, for the 93 minute playing time it has, the action, suspense, and thrill creates enough interest to surpass the lack of depth and plot holes that comes with it. Not a bad watch, but, certainly not anything to alert the masses about.

Grade: 2/5

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