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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/2/23

3 Up

1. Women's College Basketball - From the epic semi-final that was Iowa vs. South Carolina that crushed it in the ratings to today's awesome drama that was Iowa vs. LSU, women's basketball earned some much-deserved respect in the mainstream sports media. Shout out to all in today's game - loved it. 

1a. Confident Women - I'm not jumping on a hot take regarding Caitlin Clark and Angela Reese. Both are super confident women who talked trash and balled. Give the women the space to do it, take it, and express it - like we do the men. Much respect to Clark and to Reese as well. 

2. Wrestlemania - An amazing two nights for the WWE. Just epic storytelling and overall solidifies the greatest live event in entertainment. No one does it like the WWE. 

3. Pandemic Over (?) - So, I'm not sure if anyone has officially, officially ended the pandemic - if they did, I definitely missed it. However, with the Senate voting to overturn the COVID-19 national emergency order, is it fair to say that it is over here in the United States? Shouldn't that be a good thing? Yeah? 

3 Down

1. Nashville School Shooting - Just more senselessness. The excuses have now run out with elected officials admitting, "you can't stop this stuff". 

Prayers go out to the loved ones of the victims - Katherine Koonce, Mike Hill, Cynthia Peak, (bottom row) Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney

2. Tornadoes in South and Midwest - So many towns were devastated by numerous tornadoes throughout the south and midwest. Just so many destroyed families. 

3. Voting Suppression - Sooooooo now, we're trying to limit college-aged students from voting? Restrictions on using student IDs? Needing in-state tuition proof to vote? What are we doing?

1 Interesting 

Trump Indictment - Obviously a big deal this week - I'll reserve judgment once the charges are announced and we get a better idea of what we're dealing with. 

All I know is that traffic and transportation in the city on Tuesday are going to be a mess.  

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