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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/30/23

3 Up

1. Harry Belafonte - A legend passed away this week. And it goes to show you how important learning about these icons often disappears following a brief moment of reflection. The stories of Belafonte go well beyond his talents and abilities as a performer. There were so many stories this week of his instrumental guidance during the civil rights era. RIP to an absolute legend. 

1a - Jerry Springer - While at it, Jerry Springer also left Earth this week. Known for his television show that gripped daytime TV and defined the 90s, Springer also had a political career as a Mayor. Culturally defined and influenced by Mr. Springer. 

2. Jimmy Butler - Jimmy Butler absolutely went off this week - this also, unfortunately, carried over into Game 1 against my New York Knicks. Playoff Jimmy is impressive. 

2a. Drew Maggi - Another sub-"UP" is the story of Drew Maggi. Maggi grinded it out for thirteen years in the minor leagues. This week he not only got a call-up, he was able to notch his first hit and RBI. Great story. 

3. Roy Wood Jr. - I'm a big fan of Wood Jr. Dude is hilarious. Love his stand-up. At the White House correspondents dinner, Wood delivered some awesome punch lines in what is traditionally a tough gig. 

3 Down

1. Texas Family Gunned Down - More of these stories - I just can't help but shake my head. What are we doing as a society? 

2. Disney Layoffs - While inflation slows and things still feel, well, "okay", the market continues to see large companies slash jobs. This week, joining big tech was the powerhouse that is Disney. 

3. Bud Light - I find the entire cultural war at hand with Bud Light in the middle of it to be well...stupid. Are people really going to stop drinking Bug Light because of it's affiliation with a member of the Trans community? Can you imagine if we all took stock on the products and the companies we purchased items from (or enjoy)? People boycotting Bud Light, Bars losing business over this - all of it is just stupid.

3 Interesting 

1. Tucker Carlson Leaving FOX - Well, well, well. Everything at FOX News is rather interesting these days. There is a LOT of accountability coming the way of the news channel - mainly a Smartmatic lawsuit. But, to see an audience ultimately siding with Tucker Carlson and sever their affiliation with the news network is VERY interesting. 

2. Boston Bruins - After a record-setting year in the NHL for most wins/points, the Bruins are headed home after a Game 7 loss to the Florida Panthers.  Let the meaningful discussion on the regular season begin. Typically I refrain from a prisoner of the moment, talking-head jargon - but for some reason, the Bruin's defeat does make me think about the inventory of the regular season. 

3. Biden Running Again - If we get Biden vs. Trump II for the Presidency, we really need to reassess our political leaders. Can we not do better? 

Cover Photo

Harry Belefonte at 96. 

Roert Deutsch, USA Today

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