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Knicks Advance: "Is this what it feels like when your team wins?"

It's a been while since I've ranted and discussed my New York Knicks. Just checking the archives on this site, there was a time in my life when this platform served as therapy through some extraordinary years of ineptitude and failure. 

But, here we are, headed to the second round of the NBA playoffs for the first time in a decade. And with that, squaring off against a familiar foe in the Miami Heat. 

I can go on and on, but at this moment, I find myself with the same feeling I did as a young kid in 1999. You know, the year the Knicks made a run to the NBA Finals as the #8 seed. I'm not saying we're headed to the big stage, but there is joy there. A youthful, enthusiastic, innocent joy in this fandom that I haven't had in a long time. 

Is this what it feels like when your team wins? 

Some other quick notes and thoughts: 

- I'll get this out of the way - you just have to love the "fans" who hop aboard once things get going. That used to annoy me. But with age comes some wisdom. I know there is power in levels of satisfaction. It won't mean anything as close as it does for those individuals who rode with this franchise for so long. 

- I highly respect Stephen A. Smith. I do. I think the man grinds it out, and it is quite amazing to see his work ethic on display at ESPN and his overall platform. I also know what he does for a living is more entertainment than logic and substance. Yet, with his sudden change to Knicks superfan, he can miss me. 

All year we heard about what a disappointment it was that we didn't make the Donovan Mitchell trade. And of course, the absurd casual remarks of Julias Randle only going left (?!!!). 

I get it's a caricature. I get its entertainment. Still bothers me. Sorta cringe. 

Sorry, I haven't matured that much. 

- "Knicks for clicks" in the media is a real strategy. I'm convinced of it. What's interesting to see is that many are unfamiliar with what they've done all year. 

- Jalen Brunson is one of the best free-agent acquisitions in recent New York sports history. At least, especially for the teams that I root for. I always use someone like Mark Teixeira, who was clearly much better than you thought, regardless of how high of praise you had when you watched the athlete every night. 

Jalen Brunson is good. But his intangibles, his leadership, are remarkable. 

- I've never rooted for a superstar like Julis Randle. Ever. I've believed since he arrived. Yes, he's frustrating. But there needs to be some respect for his name. 

- Josh Hart is amazing. He's the kind of player you can't describe why he's so good until you watch him in a game. 

- I'm thrilled for RJ Barrett. 

- Mitchell Robinson remains the best development project by the New York Knicks in as long as I can remember. 

- Tom Thibideau deserves flowers for his adjustments after Game 2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

- Speaking of flowers, Leon Rose doesn't speak to the media - hasn't since his time here. But mannnn, you have to give the dude his props for staying the course and building this roster the right way. 

- I'm scared of the run that Jimmy Butler is on. Nervous about getting "this far" in how long. Afraid to lose this feeling. 


I'm truly confident we can beat the Miami Heat.

Oh my gosh, that's a terrifying feeling. 

Go Knicks! 

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