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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/9/23

3 Up

1. Easter - He. Is. Risen! I'm always a fan of the Holiday for its feeling of renewal and rebirth. 

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, along with those of other faiths celebrating Passover and Ramadan.

2. Astronaut of Artemis II Missions - Thi is a cool story. Four astronauts, commander Reid Wiseman, pilot Victor Glover and mission specialists Christina Koch and Jeremy Hansen will fly around the moon for 10 days in November. So cool. 

3. Endeavor - Giving the "Up" here to the company for acquiring WWE and its plan to merge it with UFC. They WILL own the largest sports entertainment company (worth $21 Billion). That's some stuff...

3 Down

1. Catholic Clergy of Baltimore Sexual Abuse - Certainly NOT the news you want on an Easter weekend. But I continue to wonder why the Catholic Church continues to operate in such a way? The cover-ups? Why? 

2. Extreme Weather - Not only have we seen extreme weather in California and surging water out West, but tornadoes also continue to devastate the South, with yet another tornado destroying Glen Allen, Missouri. 

3. Bob Lee Killed - The world continues to spiral with the death of Bob Lee, famous tech and founder of Cash App. 

3 Interesting

1. Donald Trump Indictment - Even with an indictment, I still feel rather hesitant to judge, take a stand, or even have a feeling about any of this. It caused traffic for yours truly on a morning commute into New York City. Until something really catch to Former President Trump, I find it hard to get invested. 

2. Tennessee Lawmakers - Talk about interesting (and confusing, and just out there)...the entire ordeal that happened to two Tennessee lawmakers is extremely interesting. 

3. Hoka Shoes Broke Billion Dollar Mark - Hoka Shoes gained popularity during the pandemic and became fashionable en route to becoming a viable option for runners. Now Hoka is a Billion Dollar Company. 

Cover Photo

A visitor picks flowers in a tulip field, in Arese, near Milan, Italy, on April 4, 2023.

Luca Bruno / AP

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