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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/23/23

3 Up 

1. "Gardening" Under Water - It's always doom and gloom when it comes to our planet. However, on the weekend of Earth Day, it was really cool to learn that scientists are creating new opportunities to replace coral reefs in the oceans. Of course, coral reefs combat CO2, which is super helpful to us all. 

2. Boxing - I've long stated boxing needs some sort of update. Just my quick take, but the sport gained a huge win this weekend with the Davis vs. Garcia fight. Great stuff. Great fighters. Good fight. 

3. Jim Fullan, Grandfather Student-Athlete - So much credit to Fullan who is retired, and is now pursuing his dreams as a...student-athlete! Fullan enrolled in a local community college and made the team and is now playing college baseball. That's pretty damn cool. I hope the athletic trainer is ready to go...

3 Down

1. Gun Use - Every week that goes by, our obsession with guns becomes sicker and sicker. See the two sub-categories "downs":

1a. Ralph Yarl - Yarl's story became mainstream this week and you couldn't help but be a human and have your heartbreak. An innocent mistake. A kid. A person. Just shot? For what? 

1b. Kaylin Gillis - If Yarl's story wasn't awful enough, in upstate New York, we've got homeowners shooting at cars because they used their driveway to make a U-turn. Again, an innocent act. WHAT ARE WE DOING?!

2. Buzzfeed Closure - It's tough to see one of the first and most influential news outlets in the digital age call it quits. But here we are. More concerning is the decline in news outlets and available credible journalism to uphold and hold democracy accountable. But, that's another post for another day. 

Also, what's with big tech and layoffs?

3. Fox News Settlement - Fox paid $787 Million to avoid having so many of its stars testify, which probably could've done serious damage to its stars. 

They admitted to being wrong. 

Yet, somehow, I still don't think some care...or are even aware. 

3 Interested

1. India - India has surpassed China as the most populous country in the world. Not sure what to make of it other than...yeah, that's interesting. 

2. Air Pollution - 1 out of 4 Americans live in an area of poor quality potentially damaging to their health. Is it me, or does that seem awfully high!? And also, VERY concerning! 

3. A's to Vegas - I feel for Oakland fans. They've been nothing but loyal and supportive. I wanted it to work out in Oakland. Especially considering the process of the team owner not investing in the team, the franchise, the area, or having any sort of success, and being rewarded with a possible new facility in Las Vegas. It's unfair, but that's business. 

So tough for the city of Oakland as well. They've lost all of their pro sports teams in the span of a decade. 

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Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia

Esther Lin/Showtime

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