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Dome Pondering Movie Review: A Good Person (2023)

What is it about?

A thriving young woman, Allie, who has so much going for her, has her entire life upended by surviving a major accident and must now battle the effects of it all along with others, who all find hope, refuge, and a way out leaning on one another. 

Who is in it? 

Florence Pugh - Allison

Morgan Freeman - Daniel

Celeste O'Connor - Celeste 

Chinaze Uche - Nathan

Favorite Scene: 

After having lunch at Daniel's house, Ryan comes home, realizes who Allison is, and why she remembers her, and then they both wrestle with past and present feelings to make the most of the moment. 

It ends with Daniel inviting Allison to stay for dinner. 

Favorite Quote: 

"Neither of us chose this fate, but perhaps we can find a way to love it."


A Good Person is an absolute good great phenomenal movie. 

It's a tremendous film that begins with the complete smashing of a perfect, likable character in Allison, and setting up not just a basic comeback, but the kind of redemption story that is filled with grit, pitfalls, hardship, and transparency. 

Even the simple fact in the movie that the accident was indeed her fault, yet, incidental in nature, still a fault of her own in checking her phone map for a split second is a very important piece to the overall dilemma that is before the viewer. 

A Good Person is unbelievably raw. It is even more authentic in that we all are trying, coping, and holding on to ways to be good in scenarios that have left us broken and on the brink of making poor decisions. Even more so, it's a perfect story of the power of the human spirit, the ever-reaching strength of grace and forgiveness in it all. 

Really driving this home is Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman who were both absolutely phenomenal in their roles, and even better together in those key moments. 

I'm such a sucker for movies like this, and I have to urge you to give yourself some time to watch this one. 

Please do. You will not walk away from it without examining life differently. 

Grade: 5/5

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