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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/3/23

3 Up

1. Continued Cease Fire - Sure, this won't last long and likely won't mean much once this all picks back up. But for a few days - even if JUST for a few days - it's good to see an agreed to cease-fire to get hostages out and innocent lives evacuated. The whole thing - all of it - still sucks. 

2. Sandra Day O'Connor - We lost the first female Supreme Court Justice this week in SDO. Her accomplishments are worth celebrating and learning about. 

3. Mark Cuban - Cuban sold his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks this week, which was disappointing - Cuban always made for a very cool owner. Then I learned he made $2B+ off the sale after originally paying $285M for the team. Cuban retains basketball operation rights as well. Not bad. 

3 Down

1. Christmas in Bethlehem - Christian Palestinians announced that Christmas ceremonies and celebrations in Bethlehem (and around Gaza) would be canceled due to the war (obviously). I don't know, that just felt so wrong, and so sad - of course, on top of everything else happening there. No Christmas. 

2. Shooting of Vermont Students - If the war and the entire conflict weren't terrible enough, we've got people here stateside taking matters into their own ignorant hands as three Palestinian students were shot this week at the University of Vermont. 

3. FSU Not Included in CFP - I don't understand college football other than it's purpose for money. I don't. Make this all make sense how winless teams are denied and one-loss teams are put in because of projection. So what's the point of playing? 

Cover Photo

People watch the 91st lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City on November 29, 2023.

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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Hustle (2022)

What is it about? A long-time scout, Stanley Sugarman, grinds out the life of an NBA scout and the politics of the NBA by taking a chance on a prospect he believes in to change both of their lives.  Who is in it? Adam Sandler - Stanley Sugarman Juancho Hernangomez - Bo Cruz Queen Latifah - Teresa Sugarman Favorite Scene:   Kermit and Bo line up at center court and Kermit begins the trash talk to get inside of Bo's head, eventually taking him off his game.  Favorite Quote:   "I'll say one last inspirational thing to you: they can't kill you if you're already dead." Review:  Hustle sat on "My List" on my Netflix account for quite a long time. Parked on the couch in the middle of the night with a newborn, and jonesing for some hoops, I dove in on what I read (and heard from others) was a "really good film". I'll give away the suspense, I thought Hustle was decent. It felt too cliche and had little depth, but still, a really good film.  The