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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Bruised (2020)

What is it about? 

A former mix-martial artist finds redemption and the courage to overcome her own demons when her son unexpectedly is placed in her life. 

Who is in it?

Halle Berry - Jackie Justice 

Adam Canto - Desi 

Sheila Atim - Buddhakan

Danny Boyd Jr. - Manny Lyons Jr.

Favorite Scene:

[spoiler alert]

After going to an underground fight, Jackie is lored into an impromptu brawl with one of the larger fighters that shows local promoters that she still has something left to offer. 

Favorite Quote:

"Look, this ain't my mess. This is your mess. For once in your life, girl, handle your business."


It's hard to do combat movies. Let's just say the obvious out loud, Rocky ruined the code, the genre, and the plot for everyone going forward. However, if there was a form that was updated for the times, from the perspective of a woman, and introduced some newer social topics to the fighting space, Bruised definitely earns some points. 

The film is great. The story is a great underdog story that leaves the viewer pulling for Jackie and her boy. Bruised could also utilize a sequel if it wants to. However, what really carries the film is the obvious - Halle Berry. She's still got it. Not once do you enter disbelief that she's not a former hardened mixed martial fighter fighting her own demons - and is one tough individual. 

Berry's performance alone is worth the watch. 

Grade: 3/5

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