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The Pondering 10 - Must Watch Wrestling Talent II

It's been so long since I've hammered out a new (or NEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!) Pondering 10. Life can quickly happen. It moves so fast sometimes that I can't even have a moment to rank things anymore. 

Yes, that was part joke, part truth. Whatevs. 

Nonetheless, off the heels of one of the most fun years in pro wrestling that I can remember, I thought it was appropriate to UPDATE a previous Pondering 10 - Must Watch Wrestling Talent. This one I made in 2015, and yeah, it's really interesting to see who I was into back then. Some made it. Few changed. Others just disappeared. 

Regardless, we're giving the topic a second volume. Let's go babeeeeeeeeeee! 

Here is my UPDATED version of my current list of Must Watch Wrestling Talent. 

This is MY list. For those who will disagree, you're more than welcome to make your own. :) 


10. Josh Alexander - My guy from Impact Wrestling (soon to be TNA again, yay!). Alexander continues to be THE most underrated talent in pro wrestling. Yes, I know people say that a lot in various contexts and lists, but it really reigns true for Alexander. The dude is a workhorse. 

9. Kenny Omega - Ahhhh yes, the Cleaner. There is a part of me that hopes Omega's best days aren't behind him. I sort of fear that they are. I just feel like he's overly used in AEW. Omega at his peak in high-octane matches is still a treat. You know them when they come around, and we remember them when they happen. More reason to let this man rock when the time and money are right and keep him fresh. 

8. MJF - He's been in my must-watch circle for a few years, even making my Most Fascinating Pondering 10 list for 2021. The potential is right there, so you don't ever want to miss a moment. He's always got something new. I still prefer him as a heel though. 

7. Deonna Purrazzo - Ms. Purrazzo is absolute gold. Calm and to the point on the mic. In the ring, fluid, technical, and always tells a great story.. She's must-see because quite frankly, she'll never let you down. 

6. Cody Rhodes - I've been with Cody since that moment he cut that promo and walked out of the WWE. He had me as a fan then. Cody continues to drive himself up the top babyface list, and for me, that's genuine. Make Dusty proud, yo. And yeah, you, finish the story. All of that...

5. Rhea Ripley - Give me everything Rhea Ripley. Like, EVERYTHING! I believe Triple H recently stated in a post-PLE presser that Ripley has "IT" on every level. He's 100% accurate.

4. Will Ospreay - I'll admit, I've only come around to Ospreay this year via his match with Omega and his recent stint in Impact Wrestling. The word that comes to mind to describe Ospreay is dynamite. So incredibly special in a wrestling ring that it is very difficult to describe or capture. Just a privilege to watch this dude perform. AEW just signed a cornerstone. 

3. John Cena - Yes. This guy. Ever heard of him? Cena is still this high on my list. Because he came around this year and I stopped every single time. His promos remain fruitful without needing to yell, overreact, or overspeak. Here comes the craziest hot take - I do believe in the "Cena is the GOAT" argument. That's for another post, on another day. 

2. Gunther - Must. Watch. Always. Gunther is the most believable pro wrestler that I can recall in a long time. Meaning, his matches ALWAYS have a rare ability to suspend your disbelief in a way others can't. I'm a BIGGGGGGG Gunther fan. 

1. Roman Reigns - Reigns is the definition of must watch in pro wrestling today, period. As far as I'm concerned, the only pro wrestler on the planet who checks ALL of the boxes. Ratings proved it. Business has proved it. We all know it. Biggest star in the industry today. Once the music hits, we all watch in awe. Even crazier? He affects television even when he's NOT present. Rare accomplishment in pro wrestling. Dude's the best in the game, period. 

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