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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/10/23

3 Up

1. Terror Plot Foiled - It sort of flew under the radar this week...but the thought of a 16-year-old boy plotting a terror attack is exemplary of where we are in this world right now. Ugh... Thank God for the authorities who foiled this plot. 

2. Declan Lopez - She is a 6-year-old genius! That's all that needs to be said. Definitely give this one a read. Imagine having a genius in your if kids aren't sassy enough. This one is smarter than you, and it's proven. Such a cool story. 

3. Shohei Ohtani - My guy just went out and got $700M. Unbelievable. Still doesn't seem real. Even better? He deferred so much of it to help the team out, and ultimately, ensured an awesome retirement plan. Applause all around for possibly the new face of baseball. 

3 Down

1. Las Vegas Shootings - Another day in America, another discussion on mass shootings and gun policy. SMH. 

2. Drug Shortages - If getting prescription drugs in this country wasn't difficult enough due to prices, now, there is an actual shortage of them. Big Pharma always finds a way, and it's hard to root for these corporations when innocent people suffer. 

3. Tennessee Tornadoes - Keep the many in Tennessee in your prayers right now. So many people are devastated after tornadoes ripped through middle Tennessee this week. 

Cover Photo

Law enforcement officers head into UNLV campus after reports of an active shooter in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 6.

Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

Recent Favorites

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Tower Heist (2011)

What is it about?  Building employees, who are victims of a wealthy tenant's Ponzi scheme, conspire and work together to rob what is left of the man's fortune to not only put him in jail, but to get revenge.  Who is in it?  Ben Stiller - Josh Kovaks Eddie Murphy - Slide Casey Affleck - Charlie Matthew Broderick - Mr. Fitzhugh

Quick Ponder: Daily Armor

Imagine, if we can see the dents and scratches, the smashes and chaos,  on the daily armor, each of us put on. Just imagine. 

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Hustle (2022)

What is it about? A long-time scout, Stanley Sugarman, grinds out the life of an NBA scout and the politics of the NBA by taking a chance on a prospect he believes in to change both of their lives.  Who is in it? Adam Sandler - Stanley Sugarman Juancho Hernangomez - Bo Cruz Queen Latifah - Teresa Sugarman Favorite Scene:   Kermit and Bo line up at center court and Kermit begins the trash talk to get inside of Bo's head, eventually taking him off his game.  Favorite Quote:   "I'll say one last inspirational thing to you: they can't kill you if you're already dead." Review:  Hustle sat on "My List" on my Netflix account for quite a long time. Parked on the couch in the middle of the night with a newborn, and jonesing for some hoops, I dove in on what I read (and heard from others) was a "really good film". I'll give away the suspense, I thought Hustle was decent. It felt too cliche and had little depth, but still, a really good film.  The