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Dome Pondering - 2009 Year in Review

Well, here we are, within two minutes and taking a knee, being fouled and hitting our foul shots, and signaling for Mariano Rivera to shut the door on 2009. And with Rivera, we know that it is indeed over! 2009, like every year, has brought more happenings, tragedy, history, and personal change to us all. And although, a much difficult year than most of us have experienced, 2009 brought life in a special way that will help shape us for 2010. So before the buzzer sounds and the final out is recorded, lets look back on the year that closed out this decade.

The Pondy Awards

Crucial Moment of the Year: US Airline Terrorist Attack Foiled 

Although it happened in the very end of this 2009 campaign, the failed attempt of a terrorist attack on an U.S. Airline bound for Detroit on Christmas day is evident that the evil in this world does not rest. With events such as the shootings at Fort Hood in Texas, and this latest attempt by Al Qaeda of using Nigerians is evident that this war has grown beyond the boundaries of any traditional war in the past. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe Newt Ginrinch was on to something when he stated that the past administration underestimated the war on terror, and this administration looks to be carrying on the same attitude

Honorable Mention – Fort Hood Attack and Afghanistan Bombing on US Base. 

World Affairs Issue of the Year: Michael Jackson’s Death

Few deaths have rocked the world the way Michael Jackson’s did this past June. Jackson, beloved around the world for his musical talents and ability to transform culture and entertainment was mourned around the world for his vision and support of humanity.

Honorable Mention – Swine-Flu Pandemic

Inspirational Story of the Year: President Obama’s Inauguration

Many voyaged to Washington D.C. embracing frigid temperatures and packed around television sets to witness history – the first president of color. Obama’s inauguration presented hope, inspiration, and most importantly, progress, for a nation whose past (and ugly) history in race relations has kept it in the doldrums of ignorance. The most heart warming thought is that little boys and girls of color across this nation that have dreams of becoming the leader of the free world will no longer be viewed as naive.

Random Story of the Year: Somali Pirates Take Hostage of U.S. Ships

So often we think of pirates of being a concept of ancient times with patches and wooden legs. However, Pirates are still around, with well equipped and technologically advanced ships. In April, Somali Pirates held a U.S. ship hostage, more specifically the ship’s captain in an attempt raid of U.S. food and aid cargo scheduled to be delivered to Somalia. Not long after, Pirates once again robbed a Cruise ship traveling through the same seas.

Honorable Mention – Craigslist Sex Rings, Erin Andrews Privacy Invasion Saga, and Steve McNair’s death.

Most Controversial Story of the Year: United States Healthcare Reform

Despite the bill being passed on Christmas day, the issue still raises questions and debate amongst everyone. From governmental inclusion on such private decisions, to the reduction of some plans, to the cost of public policies, and to those who still wonder why Canada has universal healthcare and we still can’t seem to get it right; this issue is far from going away.

Most Overrated Story of the Year: Bret Favre’s “comeback”

I’ll be remised if I didn’t put the blame on this fiasco square on the shoulders of the “mother ship” of sports, otherwise known and self acclaimed “Worldwide leader in sports”. ESPN followed Favre as if he were some sort of figure that would change and evolve the world as we know it. Breaking updates. Constant polls. Coverage of him working out. And yes, yes, a helicopter view of him arriving to Viking headquarters. Really? It still baffles me today. He came back…again, like we all knew he would. Overrated indeed

Honorable Mention – Nadye Suleman aka Octomom and Balloon Boy

Invention of the Year: Twitter

Want to follow the on-goings of your friends and celebrities? Well now you can. Twitter has become the latest form of freedom of speech and expression without the articulation, form, art, grammar and the rest of that stuff we learn in English class. Twitter found a way to take a basic AOL IM “Away Message” and turn it into a million dollar phenomenon. God Bless America. Oh yeah, by the way, follow Dome Pondering via twitter on the right side of the site via “Minor Ponderings”. And yes, that was a very cheap plug

Comeback of the Year: Alex Rodriguez

It’s amazing that this is A-Rod’s second time earning this very award (Earned it as well in 2007). However, A-Rod shockingly found himself in the greatest of depths in his career in the beginning of 2009. From his personal issues, a big hip injury, constant image conflicts, his fading relationship with the fans and media, and finally the huge saga with him admitting to performance enhancing drugs, A-Rod’s career seemed destined for the dumps. However, after hitting the first pitch, sparking the Yankees, ditching his postseason woes, and earning a World Series title, A-Rod had quite the comeback story that even the most critical Yankee fans have to be impressed by. After all, who would've guessed that A-Rod would be more appreciated than Tiger Woods at the end of 2009?

Honorable Mention – Whitney Houston

“Wishing Well” Award of the Year: Employment/Rebounding Economy

If you’re not employed, it is a given that you know of someone that is not employed via lay-off. That in it’s essence describes the recent downturn and hard times we have been facing. Job prospectus is as low as it has ever been, and job creation is the number one issue facing our government today.

“Just Go Away” Award of the Year: Jon and Kate Gosselin

I get it. You became popular because of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. However, I didn’t watch your reality television show, and those who did, are probably sick and tired of you taking up valuable news time with your selfish and ridiculous divorce. You had your 15 minutes of fame, now go away

Honorable Mention – Carrie Prejean and Nadye Sulemon aka Octomom

“Largest Fortitude” Award of the Year: Chesley “Sully” Sullenberg

Anyone that has the ability to stay calm and think clearly while having the guts to lead over 200 people out of a plane in danger of going under water is definitely a lock for this award.

Honorable Mention – Usain Bolt

“We Will Miss You” Award of the Year: Michael Jackson

As stated above, a death that shocked the entire world. Few can do that. Then again, few were able to do what Michael Jackson did.

Honorable Mention – Ted Kennedy and Patrick Swayze

“What Were You Thinking?” Award of the Year: Kanye West

Kanye West has always been questioned about his character. He is very good as an artist, and one of the best of all-time as a producer. However, running up on stage intoxicated and interrupting America’s latest sweetheart in Taylor Swift, ummm yeah very dumb decision.

Honorable Mention – Philadelphia Woman that offered Sex For a Pair of World Series Tickets and Tiger Woods.

“What a Shame” Award of the Year: Taconic Parkway Crash

A sad, horrific, and senseless tragedy that will never ever be solved. A woman transporting several children was high and intoxicated while traveling the wrong way at high speeds on the Taconic Parkway (NY). In the midst of her rage, she collided head on with another vehicle killing all but one child. Did the father, who received a phone call from the mother know? I think he did (He Had To Know). However, no one will ever know what that woman was thinking that caused her to end so many lives in such a senseless way.
Honorable Mention – Tiger Woods, The Story of Derrion Albert (Why did Derrion Albert Have To Die) (Why Did Derrion Albert Have To Die Part II), and the Fort Hood Attack.

“Welcome to The Scene” Award of the Year: Taylor Swift

Swift was well known by die-hard country fans for years now dating back to when the breakout artist was just a mere sixteen years of age. However, at such a young age, Swift has been able to do what many great country artist were unable to, and that’s crossover into pop. Yes, Swift had her country tunes heard throughout out the nation, even in the channels of urban areas where even inner city girls related to her lyrics. Swift dominated the VMA’s (with help from Mr. West), AMA’s and CMA’s. The sky is the limit for Taylor Swift.

Honorable Mention – Susan Boyle, Cliff Lee, Stereotypical Guido-Italians, and Lady Gaga.

“This Should Have Been Done Before” Award of the Year: Public Outcry Against The MTA

For those that are not in the New York City-Tri-State area, this award may not be completely understood. For a better understanding read: A New Yorker’s Note To The MTA. For an organization that has been mismanaged despite having an operation with no competition is inexcusable. Now the MTA is cutting service and taking other actions such as taking away student passes for children. There isn’t much the public can do about such changes because of the MTA’s power (and the public’s need for transportation), however, with more protests and damage to their image, hopefully a dent can be made.

“The Incredibles” Award of the Year: Usain Bolt

As if being the fastest man on the world wasn’t enough, Bolt continued his hobby of shattering world records with two more records falling to the Jamaican superstar. He is definitely making the Caribbean natives proud.

“We Need To Fix This” Award of the Year: Global Economy

Two years in a row. Winning something back-to-back is normally praised, but with this issue, I pray it doesn’t three peat.

Honorable Mention – Lack of Quality Men and Leaders

Biggest Letdown of the Year: Dominican Republic National Baseball Team

Often regarded as one of the major powerhouses in the world for baseball, the Dominican Republic were eliminated by upstart Netherlands in the 2009 World Baseball Classic

Idiot of the Year: Bernie Madoff

At first it seemed like Kanye West was going to take this award after his VMA stunt. Then Tiger Woods had his life spill over and splashed onto the front pages of our newspapers. However, how do you steal billions of dollars and get off without a trace, and well…decide to continue? Despite stealing millions with his ponzi scheme, he ruined just as many lives. And for his greedy ways, and thoughtless acts, he is this year’s biggest idiot.

Dome Pondering Person of the Year: Chesley B. Sullenberg III

Also winner of this year’s “Largest Fortitude” award, Sully’s heroics on the Hudson River showed great leadership, instincts, and poise. Responsible for over 200 lives in a situation where his was in jeopardy, Sully managed to effectively lead all passengers and staff out of the aircraft without any severe damage and one great story to tell.

Fighter of the Year: George St. Pierre (UFC)

Otherwise known as GSP, St. Pierre continues to wow the world with his ability. Although a very worn out cliché, pound-for-pound, GSP is the best fighter in the world today. As he takes a break to attempt to make the Canadian Olympic wrestling team, GSP’s ground game will become that much greater as he adds to an already dangerous martial arts background.

Honorable Mention – Brock Lesnar (UFC) and Fedor Emelianenko (Strikeforce).

Pay-Per-View Event of the Year: TNA Turning Point

After spending most of the year presenting subpar events, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) delivered after numerous front office changes on a very solid card, and two amazing match of the year contenders.

Honorable Mention – UFC 100, WWE Summerslam, and Dragon Gate Dead or Alive

Pro Wrestling Match of the Year: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels (TNA Turning Point)

Although beating out ‘Taker/Michaels from Wrestlemania 25 by a smidge, this was clearly the best bout of 2009. The second time these three met in the main event on pay-per-view wasn’t as good as their first one, but it definitely delivered. A must-watch recommendation for wrestling fans.

Honorable Mention – Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 25) and Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe (TNA Turning Point).

Pro Wrestling Tag Team of the Year: Beer Money Inc. (TNA)

Beer!…Money! Without a doubt the best tag-team in 2009. From their title reign, to their road to reclaiming the gold, Beer Money is compromised of the two best individual wrestlers to form a tag-team in professional wrestling today.

Honorable Mention – American Wolves (ROH), Chris Jericho and The Big Show (WWE), and The British Invasion (TNA).

Female Pro Wrestler of the Year: Awesome Kong

A new award here at the DP, it was time to give the women some props for their hard work. Women’s wrestling is slowly being treated with more respect (mainly due to TNA’s knockouts division), and that respect should be represented in honoring the industry’s top performer. And with that, this year’s award goes to Awesome Kong, who is far and above the best female wrestler today.

Honorable Mention – Angelina Love (TNA)

Male Pro Wrestler of the Year: Randy Orton

If there were a wrestler of the decade here at the DP, it would obviously go to Kurt Angle, who is clearly the best wrestler in the past ten years. His work is consistently impressive, which continues to raise the bar for himself, yet, is always detrimental in annual talks for wrestler of the year. While Angle was, well Kurt “Freakin’ Angle again this year, Randy Orton raised his game to another level which earned him the award this year. The Legend Killer became one of the biggest names, and most entertaining wrestlers on Monday nights. And let’s be honest, Monday Night Raw was brutal this year. Orton’s long standing feud with John Cena culminating in a great one hour, iron man match which were one of many highlights for him throughout the year.

Honorable Mention – Kurt Angle (TNA), AJ Styles (TNA), Jeff Hardy (WWE), and John Cena (WWE).

Sports Event of the Year: Super Bowl XLIII - Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

While many thought that Super Bowl XLII between the Giants and the Patriots would be difficult to top, this game went out and did just that. From the great interception return before the half, to a big comeback by the Cardinals capped by Fitzgerald’s Catch, to the unbelievable catch by Santonio Holmes to seal the game, Super Bowl XLIII was a game that even non-football enthusiasts enjoyed.

Honorable Mention – Bulls vs. Celtics First Round Playoff Series, Twins vs. Tigers 163rd Game, and The World Series – New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies.

Coach of the Year: Joe Girardi

In the world of sports, there is no position like manager of the New York Yankees. No matter what some media outlets like to say, it is unmatched, period. Not Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, or even Manchester United. In New York, you are expected to win. No ifs, ands, or buts. And that's what Joe Girardi did in 2009. Coming off of the Torre years, Girardi gave the green light on many changes which came with heavy scrutiny. From taking days off in Spring Training to work on team development, to allowing Nick Swisher to blast music in the club house, to going with a three man rotation throughout the playoffs, Girardi was scrutinized every way possible, but he held his own. He believed in his ways and won the whole thing. To be expected to win, criticized everyday, and still get it done, that’s enough to win the Coach of he Year here at the DP.

Team of the Year: New York Yankees

Well everything that is said about Joe Girardi, is ditto for the Yankees here. Best Team in baseball during the season, and finishes by winning its unprecedented twenty-seventh world championship.

Honorable Mention – Los Angeles Lakers and North Carolina Tar Heels.

Dome Pondering Sportsman of the Year: Mariano Rivera

I understand that Derek Jeter received the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. And while I was very inclined to agree with SI, I found myself arguing a case for Mo, and as you can see, the DP part of me defeated the SI part of me. While Jeter had an amazing season which included setting the mark for all-time hits for a shortstop, breaking the historic (and I mean historic) record of the Yankees all-time hits record formerly held by Lou Gehrig, and yes, completing the task of putting a rings on one hand, Mariano Rivera is too often overlooked for such awards.

So enter Sandman…

Without being too lengthy, Rivera is similar to how Kurt Angle was described above – so good you forget to appreciate how great he is. Always consistent. Always above the rest. Rivera, who earned his 500th save (and yes Met fans, his first career RBI as well) put up another stellar season for the New York Yankees. In a post-season where all closers blew at least one save, Rivera, once again remained flawless. Heck, one can go as far as saying that without Rivera, the Yankees would be searching for their first World Series since 1978! Imagine that?

Rivera is very charitable, a great teacher and leader, and most of all, the most humble athlete you will ever find. Anyone remember him saying that Trevor Hoffman was better than him?

Here is to you Mo. You deserve it. And of course, in fitting style, closing out the Dome Pondering Annual Awards for 2009.

Honorable Mention – Derek Jeter


After throwing a few things against the wall in which I thought would occur during 2009, I decided I would attempt to do the same here once again for 2010. Although much of what I predicted for 2009 was all fun and jokes, there were a few that actually happened. Such occurrences were:
  • Nigel McGuinness loses ROH World Title to Austin Aries. Bryan Danielson jumps to WWE.
  • Nigel McGuinness leaves ROH for TNA (Now Desmond Wolfe).
  • Plaxico Burress is finally sentenced to two years in prison.
  • Charlie Weiss is given ultimatum at Notre Dame to improve the program, or he will be fired.
  • Darius Rucker, formerly known as Hootie, earns award at CMA’s. African-American’s everywhere raise eyebrows as another November solidified anything is possible.
  • New York Yankees defeat Philadelphia Phillies in six games of the World Series.

So with that said, let’s look into the crystal ball for 2010:

  • NHL Winter Classic occurs at Fenway Park and…it goes OK. Everyone waits for all the other good sports to get going in 2010.
  • Texas Longhorns defeat Alabama Crimson Tide in Rose bowl, 31-27. Kirk Herbstreit spends 3 hour pre-game breaking down how computer selects bowl games. Everyone still wants a playoff.
  • Scott Boras tells teams that Matt Holliday is worth more than A-Rod because “he just is”.
  • New Jersey Nets win their fifth game of the season. New Russian owner begins to sell ad space all over their jerseys to bring over the European feel.
  • President Bush is seen for the first time, says he enjoys messing up and not being criticized.
  • Super Bowl XLIV occurs between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts. Colts win 27-14. Santa Claus is then seen celebrating with Colts and laughing at Eagles fans.
  • The Winter Olympics opening ceremony begins. Kanye West interrupts Torch ceremony claiming, “Muhammad Ali had one of the best Olympic torch lightings of all-time.”
  • Matt Holliday finally signs with Baltimore Orioles. Scott Boras admits it was a good fit because the Orioles were “suckers”.
  • David Lee makes All-Star team, and East team stop when they realize he is from the New York Knicks. Lebron is seen constantly all weekend hanging with David Lee. Rumors run rampant.
  • Kobe Bryant is named All-Star Game MVP after scoring 49 points. Unveils latest “mean looking” facial expression to let everyone know how determined of an athlete he is.
  • MLB Free Agent market now begins to thin as players begin to sign wherever they can as camps open soon. Johnny Damon still waits for $13 per year.
  • United States does well in Winter Olympics, but is eliminated by Canada. Americans don’t care as they embrace the latest teen figure-skating sensation.
  • Johnny Damon signs with Yankees for $6 million and the right to host Monday Night Raw two more times.
  • Sammy Sosa continues his fade into the Aryan race. Is later known as first white, Spanish speaking, former baseball player, that attends the Beverly Hills Country Club and KKK meetings.
  • Brock Lesnar announces that he will indeed comeback to the UFC.
  • President Obama deploys another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.
  • Texas defeats Kentucky in thriller, 89-88 to win NCAA National Basketball Title.
  • John Wall becomes ESPN’s latest sensation…until Bret Favre says he might retire.
  • ESPN then sets up truck in Mississippi for live 24-hour coverage on the state of Bret Favre.
  • Destiny’s Child decide to get back together to record another album. They cite the current lack of girl power in the new decade as their inspiration.
  • Glenn Beck decides to call Sammy Sosa a racist as well. Sammy Sosa responds, “Que?”.
  • New York Knicks make the playoffs as the 8th seed, and lose 4 games to 1 to the Boston Celtics. Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni attend every Cavalier playoff game.
  • WWE Wrestlemania XXVI is headlined by Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker II with a main attraction of Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon.
  • Urijah Faber finally jumps from developmental WEC to the UFC
  • American Idol continues to set record ratings.
  • Fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao does not happen. Re-scheduled for September. Pacquiao does not drop pending lawsuit against Mayweather.
  • Tiger Woods announces he is ready to return to Golf. Fifteen other women come out and say they were with Tiger during his absence.
  • New York Yankees get off to a 30-14 record, good for a tie with the Boston Red Sox.
  • Tyreke Evans is named NBA Rookie of the Year.
  • Fedor Emelianenko continues to be undefeated.
  • St. Johns makes run in NCAA World Series. Florida eventually wins. They thank Tim Tebow for his inspiration.
  • Michael Vick signs with Cleveland Browns. Organization wonders about marketing him as a member of the “Dog Pound.”
  • Desmond Wolfe wins TNA World Title.
  • Los Angeles Lakers defeat Boston Celtics in seven games. Kobe runs into the dressing room and cries on the floor with ball. Announcers claim they’ve seen this act before, but not sure when and who.
  • Jessica Simpson finally decides to get back into music after a few years of being Tony Romo’s ex girlfriend.
  • Knicks watch as Utah uses it’s pick in the NBA Draft to select yet another franchise helping player.
  • Prince Fielder finally wins Homerun Derby.
  • American League wins All-Star game…again. Joe Mauer is named MVP.
  • Kanye returns to music industry with single that features who else…Taylor swift titled “Interruption”
  • Obama continues to age as Nation’s status takes its toll. President Bush is later seen at Sesame Place.
  • LeBron resigns with Cavs. Knicks sign Dwayne Wade and Joe Johnson while resigning David Lee.
  • Yankees now have 4 game lead over Red Sox.
  • Economy finally begins to rebound with significant signs.
  • Jason Bay goes down, and Mets begin their yearly descent to mediocrity.
  • Alex Rodriguez recommends dating Kate Hudson to Tiger Woods after he struggles to return to form on the golf course.
  • Oprah does show on “Families that struggled through the recession”. Oprah claims to understand their hardships, cries, and offers book that struggling Americans should read.
  • ESPN does News Flash that Brett Favre was seen boarding an aircraft bound for Minnesota. They offer non-stop coverage on what could possibly be going on.
  • Kanye and Taylor Swift win best video for “Interruption”. Kanye grabs microphone from Taylor during their acceptance speech and tells her that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time…then proceeds to shrug and walk off the stage.
  • Destiny Child’s album is released with hit single, “I don’t need a man”. Women everywhere are empowered again stating, they don’t need a man.
  • Jerry Manuel is now seen packing up his things before months end expecting his firing.
  • President Obama states that the time for troops to come home is not right now. Approval rating begins to plummet.
  • John Madden returns to broadcasting with ESPN.
  • Flloyd Mayweather defeats Manny Pacqiuao with a very shady ending. Prompts immediate discussion for a rematch.
  • Obama makes significant head way on carbon emission output and energy conflicts facing the world. Glenn Beck calls it more racist propaganda.
  • Wrangler releases new “Bret Favre” jeans which are easy to put on, and allow for easy removal just incase you can’t make up your mind.
  • ESPN analysts are seen wearing Bret Favre wranglers.
  • New York Yankees defeat Philadelphia Phillies again in six games.
  • Bound For Glory VI is headlined by Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe.
  • Miley Cyrus performs with father, Billy Ray Cyrus, at CMA’s. “Achy Breaky Heart” becomes catchy once again.
  • New York Yankees sign Carl Crawford.
  • Minnesota Twins sign Joe Mauer for an annual salary of $17M per year.
  • Kofi Kingston wins WWE Championship.
  • Oakland Raiders are winless. Coach decides to pull starters and gain first win.
  • MTV Jersey Shore 2 is set to begin with new gel wearing, pasta eating, tanning, fist pumping and mind numbing television.
  • BET responds that they can create a television show even more stereotypical. They shortly announce BET East Compton set to premiere in 2011.
The Final Countdown… 

2009 has been a year that seem to have had a dim (not dark) cloud hung over it. There is no sugar coating or attempting to accentuate things. 2009 was marred with struggle, employment issues, and self-searching for a lot of individuals. There were many (too many)who fell into that category that had an opportunity to find out who they were. Either by picking themselves up against various pressures, or by time to rationalize aspects in their lives. 

This past year, I was one of those people. I became one of those people that had an opportunity to find out exactly what they were made of when things continue to get rough. I was also one of those people that had the chance to put things in perspective, and shine the headlights back on the road I needed to be on.

One year ago, in the 2008 Year in Review, I discussed my ability to bypass the evolution that caused individuals to become selfish, to become centered on what was needed to be to get ahead.  I vowed to stay true to my upbringing, my morals, and  most importantly my faith.

And in doing so, things still didn't seem complete. There was a part of me that still didn’t seem to be at peace.

After searching and praying, that part came to be: a burning desire, a passion, and drive that was no longer there.

Being let go from a job can take its toll on your psyche. Despite it not being your fault, it leaves you feeling useless, unqualified, directionless, and dare I  say, like a failure.  Even though there was nothing you could do about it, and you knew it was coming, it just seeps in. The doubt. The negative thoughts. The what if’s.

Combine that with the those who are lucky enough to be employed and are not able to sympathize, and it makes you feel like you are in a different world. I’ve experienced it, and I've seen it happen to people I know, and even those you read about everyday in your local newspaper.

All the questions slowly get balled up into: When will I get a break?

And if you’re reading this and you’re in that position - I understand.

Everyone has been there.

However, it all comes down to self-confidence. I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with that. I’ve never had the ability to be 100 percent confident in myself. And I still don’t. In fact, I’ve always valued humility in a person more so than confidence. With that said, in the past year, even dating back to part of 2008, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost more confidence in myself than ever before in my life. It’s not an issue of depression, just an issue of finding where one belongs in this world at the same time as attempting to not get caught up in it. That is no easy feat.

And that’s where that vital component of desire, passion, and drive comes back.

As a kid I’ve always taken competition seriously. From academics to athletics. Especially, athletics because of my natural-born physical inabilities. However, not once have I ever used my inabilities as a reason to not compete. The nay-sayers, and the well, lets just call them for what they are, haters, will always be there. I had people and friends like that. And to be quite honest, I still do. Using them is what fueled me. And I am very sure they have lit a certain fire in most of you at one point as well.

Somewhere between my senior year of college and the present time, that desire burned out. Whether it be my lack of faith (A huge part of it), severe physical injuries (incapable of doing what you were able to do), or just burnout, it just didn’t seem to click.

However, as always, God tests each and everyone of us. He gives us things we can handle, and will always place things in front of us that will cause us to grow stronger. In a year where struggle, worry, and heavy concern fills the hearts of many, the souls of the weary have increased with burden and anxiety.

That’s where the desire, passion and drive to become a better person (Physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) and to seek God more every day fits in.

The question everyday should be: What have you done today to get better?

As we head into 2010, and the race that we call life continues, I’ve learned a lot about desire, about passion, and about drive from 2009. Failure and negativity is always there. And it is easy to succumb once you allow those qualities to go on cruise control. It’s even easier to lose faith in yourself.

I’ve always been a big believer that failure is the best teacher. And an even bigger believer that God’s judgment is the only one that matters.

As we head into 2010, find those that are truly those that support you and wish to see your happiness, while using those that “hate” to fuel you. And most importantly, understand that God will continue to introduce himself to you, and you to yourself.

As we close 2009, I can honestly say I am renewed, healthy, and at peace for the first time in a long time.

2010 is full of new beginnings and possibilities, and God has new trails for us to embark on.

Let’s ditch our selfish ways, our negative thoughts, and our lack of confidence.

And let’s rediscover that desire, that passion, and that drive.

In 2010, how will you respond? 

Happy New Year!

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3 Up 1. NYC Marathon Winners - I am ALWAYS in awe of marathon runners, especially, marathon winners. Congratulations to Evans Chebet and Sharon Lokedi on winning the Men's and Women's races.  2. Taylor Swift - Only Taylor Swift can reach the heights of breaking records from the likes of The Beatles. And well, she's done just that. Also, she's taken over the entire Top 10 by becoming the first artist - ever! - to do just that. Amazing.  3. World Series No-Hitter (and Championship) - It pains me to give the Houston Astros some love in this space, but it is deserved. Especially, for that combined no-hitter in Game 4 of the World Series. Kudos.  3 Down 1. Antisemitic Rhetoric - There is so much that can be said here. I'll just repeat a sentence from an Asian student in our office as others discussed Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, and all of the antisemitic rhetoric currently out there - why would you say any of this? 2. Takeoff Killed - Such a tragic occurrence. We just do

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/9/22

3 Up 1. Marijuana Convicts Pardoned - Sure, President Biden's political history had a lot to do with the fact that plenty of black and brown men was in jail for a substance so many are profiting off of as a legal opportunity. Nonetheless, it's still the right thing to do. Too many lives and families were broken for something many now legally enjoy. Again, just the right thing to do.  2. Emily Sisson - I'm always in awe of marathon runners. Even more, those who smash records. Congratulations to Emily Sisson on setting a record for American women at the Chicago Marathon. 26.2 Miles in 2:04:24. Unbelievable.  3. Nobel Chemistry Prize Winners - Speaking of things that are impressive, bringing home a a Nobel Prize in Chemistry seems to be on that list.  3 Down 1. Systemic Abuse in Women's Soccer - It's pretty unbelievable that women STILL deal with these issues in sports, but we're just not there yet. The year-long report about U.S. Soccer executives and NWSL owner

Survivor Series 2022 Review: "Served it's Purpose" on Thanksgiving Weekend

There was something especially "traditional" about the Survivor Series happening over Thanksgiving weekend that added to the intrigue and the overall aura of the event. Something that felt well, overall anticipatory and "right" for a wrestling event on a Thanksgiving Saturday night (you know, if that's a thing going forward - maybe?). Of course, all of this is ironic considering this Survivor Series event took a break from the historical concept of the 5-on-5 survivor tag-team format for the much more WCW-ish, "War Games". As Triple H (or do we call him Paul, now? Mr. LeVeque? Mr. Triple H? Mr. Helmsley?) noted in the post-show press conference, the break was indeed a nice change of pace, allowing the old format to take a breather and gain some nostalgic interest for the events to come.  Nonetheless, Survivor Series was welcomed and it was a good show. For me, the War Games matches were there and were entertaining. Everyone in those matches felt like t