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2011 Bucket List - #13 Experience A Sunrise

2011 - #13 Experience A Sunrise (Courtesy: A-Pic)
I'm not a morning person. Anyone that really knows me will be able to co-sign on that statement in a heart beat. In fact, I'm usually a zombie in the morning that isn't in the mood to talk to you, myself, or anyone. I'm not even in the mood to get up, but I have to do it. I'm just not that into the mornings, period. Yes, not a fan. 

However, if the late night turns into an early morning, sometimes that can be a good morning. 9 times out of 10, an early morning like that usually means 1. It's going to make for a very short day, 2. It's already been a long day, and finally, 3. I'm wondering why on earth am I still up when others are getting up to begin their day? 
Nonetheless, sometimes there is something therapeutic about watching a sunrise. And with my tag team partner, who has an niche for not only seeing the beauty in simple things, but a weird fetish with creating lists and accomplishing them, watching a sunrise was a must for the 2011 bucket list. 

As we pass the mid-way point of the 2011 campaign, I was unsure how I ever would capture or view such an image with all of the craziness that is moving, wedding planning, and oh yes, life. Staying up to view a sunrise would cut into a thing called sleep, which has become oh so vital since those college days. And of course, you know there is absolutely no chance of me waking up to see it.

Fortunately, we were blessed to not only still be awake from moving into our apartment, but have a current home that is on the seventh floor of a building which has a great view of not only eastern Brooklyn, but in the distance (and from our bed room), the Empire State Building. 

Were we tired from moving? Yes. Were we exhausted from being up all night? Of course. But witnessing this gorgeous view on our first night in our new home, it was all well worth it. 

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