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Kingmaker? Not Quite

There is a line in the television show, Friday Night Lights, where the character, Coach Eric Taylor developed the nickname, "Kingmaker" for his ability to reach people, and bring out the best in them. It was a nickname he did not admit to, and refused to acknowledge. 

It is often said some people are born natural leaders. An others, are just thrusted into the role. 

Contrary to what everyone believes about themselves, I've never considered myself a leader of any sort. I never quite thought I had the overall leadership capabilities that one needs to be influential.

However, ever since I was a young teenager, I was always considered, "that guy". You know, the guy that always stood out from the rest of the crowd as the responsible one. The rational one. The guy that always seems to have it together. The guy that rarely takes a misstep. The guy that is straight-edge. 

Yet, not quite a leader.
It's been a moniker that I've always shied away from, not because I didn't take the responsibility, but because it I didn't 100% believe in it's heavy burden description, or it's accuracy. I've never been comfortable with the spot light, or never was one really to seek attention. So such labels always made me uncomfortable, especially one that singles you out when you are just being yourself.

Growing up in a neighborhood where of course, there were many other young teens doing less than pleasing things, encouraged this budding reputation of mine. My closest friends till this day who grew up with me, always claim that "Robo never makes a bad move". Of course, I still shake my head at such a claim. 

The college days expounded on this reputation, and followed me beyond this point. Shortly afte college, I began volunteering my time coaching baseball to kids over the years at Kings Bay Youth Organization here in Brooklyn, NY. Over the years, I have managed to develop close bonds with those kids to the point where I have earned their undoubted trust. 

This past Thursday I received multiple voicemails and Facebook messages from these kids asking that I be there for their playoff game today. With a busy work schedule, apartment hunting, and finalizing (and entering) all wedding plans, I was unable to be there for them as much as I've liked to this summer. Especially, during a time where the High School years can be very influencing, many are being swayed in many negative ways that can greatly affect their future. I'd love to change that while I still have a voice...if possible of course. 

Nonetheless, after arriving earlier today, the coaching staff and President pulled me aside and discussed how much the kids missed me and wanted me to be there for potentially this group's final run at a summer borough championship. 

As always, I deflected the compliments, praise, and attention for most of the day until later that night where during a family BBQ, a cousin of mine, who has had a string of poor decisions, stated, "I need to talk to you..."

Him and his parents thought that highly of me to place the onerous on me to help him turn his life around. 

And those kids at Kings Bay, somehow, someway, I've made a big enough impact in their young lives.

And my friends, well, they still believe that "Robo never makes a bad move".

I used to think it was over-the-top. Now I'm slowly beginning to believe I have a chance to change lives.

Kingmaker? Not Quite.

But maybe, just maybe, I'm beginning to understand part of the Lord's calling for my life.

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