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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/22/20

3 Up

1. Medical Professionals - The obvious. While many of us, in essence, have become utterly non-essential, it is those who continue to go to work, making themselves vulnerable to the times, in the name of keeping others well and alive.

2. Human Spirit Moments - We've seen the videos of people singing from apartment windows all over the world, working out on balconies, and even one of my favorites, which included a man playing the piano on his balcony suddenly being joined by another playing his saxophone. All such powerful pieces, truly, on the strength and resolve of the human spirit.

3. NY Governor Cuomo - I'll admit it - I didn't really care much for Governor Cuomo. However, over the past days and weeks, he really has proven his leadership. In fact, he's been go-to in this unprecedented time. Much props (and apologies) to the Gov.

3 Down

1. Coronavirus - Again, the obvious. Nothing else needed here.

2. Virus Testing Fairness - Look, I understand that the world isn't fair. However, the idea that a person like Senator Rand Paul, who alluded to the Coronavirus being a hoax, then voted no for Coronavirus emergency funding, can test positive for the virus while being asymptomatic, when testing is already limited, is all you need to know about testing fairness right now in the US. But hey, that's America.

3. Those Ignoring Quarantine - Please, don't be stupid. Just isolate yourself. This isn't about's about all of us. Stop being selfish.

1 Great Tweet

1. Love for Millenials - Look, Millenials get a lot of grief. And as a millennial, we've taken plenty of insults on the chin. Even in being confused with Generation Y. However, a recent tweet really shed some light on an interesting timeline for Millenials -

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