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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/17/22

3 Up

1. Four Astronauts Return Home - I can't imagine being in space for six months. I've had my experiences of living out of a suitcase on earth for as long as two weeks on the road, and that's difficult. Space? For 6 months. Kudos to all four astronauts. And of course, I'm glad that they're home safe. 

2. Bruce Sutter - The Hall of Fame unfortunately passed away this week. And while I never saw Sutter pitch, I too threw a split-fingered fastball when I didn't have much else in my development as a pitcher in college. I've got much respect for the inventor of the pitch. RIP. 

3. Floating City - Give this article a read. A floating city? The whole entire idea sounds crazy, but at the same time, super cool. Rising sea levels has everyone thinking differently, and this is certainly that. 

3 Down

1. Sandy Hook Families - The families were awarded a huge settlement this week in a case against Alex Jones. While that should be an "Up", I couldn't help but think about all of the families who've had to carry on this nightmare and endure a delayed healing process because of...a big mouth? What are we doing? 

2. Parkland School Shooter - Very similar to the Sandy Hook Families, the families in Parkland had to endure the suspect evading the death penalty. What really tugged at my head was the father of one of the victims in anger communicate the importance of the death penalty verdict, even though they knew he'll die in prison. "It doesn't matter, because it won't bring my daughter back, but we want closure. I hate to say it, but we need his life for that". 

3. War on Ukraine - It's been some time since I've discussed this topic, but the recent bombings have taken the war to a new height. At times we've become numb to the ongoing overseas (I know I have), but the entire 2022 has been a sad global space for peace. 

1 Interest

1. Herschel Walker - I was intrigued by the debate, and wow... Politics aside, I'm not sure how anyone objectively can determine that was a viable debate performance. Yo, he pulled out a badge! Possibly a fake badge! SMH. Why is this candidacy allowed? Why? 

January 6th Hearings - Always intriguing. Unfortunately, I'm not sure our country really cares. 

1 Hot Take 

MLB Playoff Format - I wasn't a fan of expanding the playoffs. I liked the one-game Wild Card. Wasn't a fan of the "Bye" and the layoffs it provided the best teams which serve as a disadvantage. It's a small sample size, but I haven't really enjoyed the "feel" as it hasn't felt like Wild Card teams are at a disadvantage. At this point, just eliminate divisions. 

Cover Photo

The building housing the visa section of the German Embassy on Lva Tolstoho Street, seen here, damaged by a Russian missile attack in Kyiv, Ukraine, on October 11, 2022

Metin Aktas / Anadolu Agency / Getty

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