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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Uncorked (2020)

What is it about?

Elijah must balance his love and dream to become a master sommelier with his father's expectations to carry on and take charge of the family business. 

Who is in it?

Mamoudou Athie - Elijah

Courtney B. Vance - Louis

Niecy Nash - Sylvia

Sasha Compere - Tanya

Favorite Scene:

[spoiler alert] 

Following taking the sommelier exam, Elijah is restless in the hotel room. His father knocks on the door, and suddenly plans to spend the night with him. He pours them both a glass of wine, and they play dominoes. 

Favorite Quote: 

"How do you choose between family and your dream?"

"How do you choose between family and your dream?"


I first saw Uncorked on Netflix during the height of the pandemic lockdown when we all had nothing else better to do than watch television. So of course, go figure, after testing positive for COVID this week, your boy felt miserable nothing better to do while dealing with sever symptoms that watch a movie. 

The film was as good as I expected it to be. And in many ways, it connected with me on higher personal levels. The major plot surrounding engaging in the family business and pursuing your own thing is an age-old conflict, especially for families who attained some generational wealth through such avenues. The film's plot carries aspects of race, socio-economics, wealth, access, and so much in a genuine way. 

The bigger story of course was the relationship between father and son. How words weren't ever needed to be said, and when they were, they were often passive aggressive, and came from ego and expectation, not love. This entire ordeal was real, yet, beautiful to watch. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the struggle of where we want to be, and how it isn't easy, and how sometimes, it may require different roads, attempts, or ways to get there. 

Lastly, this film provides humor that is authentic with characters that are easy to embrace and become comfortable with. 

Uncorked is an enjoyable watch. 

Grade: 4/5

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