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The California Chronicles - 11/9/09

So I lied. 

Yes I lied. Well sort of.

Two days into this journey to the Pacific, I had a lapse and allowed reality to seep into my vacation.

Yesterday I discussed attempting to clear my mind of all the things that one goes through on a daily basis. I stated that I would attempt to leave such aspects back east, and I did. 

Until I checked my E-mail. 

With such habit, one does these things, and well, sometimes it is necessary to follow up and stay somewhat in tune with reality wile on vacation. And with one click, I went from enjoying a great day to somewhat disappointment in a situation that fell through in reality. A situation that leaves me wondering once again of many “what if’s” for when I return three hours ahead to New York City. 

However, I haven’t let that situation completely kill this time out here. In fact, in touring the wonderful city of Huntington Beach, California, I was able to learn and see things in a new way.

As I walked throughout Main Street here in Huntington Beach, and stroll along the miles and miles of beach, I ran into a couple who were originally from New York that moved out here in the last four years. They seemed very happy with their choice, and were excited to chat with others from a place that seemed so far to everyone else, except them. 

And within the same day, I spent at least half my time watching people on a beach. In that time there were people that were playing volleyball, surfing, running, and relaxing. And there was also a band.

A band of about thirty people that were playing drums and percussion instruments. The band seemed no more professional than myself at playing music, but they enjoyed themselves, and that was all that mattered. At one point, one man took lead, and center stage, well center-sidewalk, and said, “You don’t need to know how to play, just step right up, grab and instrument, and lead with your heart. Let your heart do the playing”
I thought he was crazy to be honest. The words sounded inspirational, but the logic in his statement was indeed crazy.

Yet, random people walked up, joined, and the play continued. Uninterrupted. And in tune.

Then a woman walked up. She enjoyed the music, and decided to join. However, she wasn’t playing an instrument. She decided to dance. Then dancing began from several others who joined in. With people of all ages from toddlers to senior citizens, this group was by far the most eccentric and interesting thing going on a day where a professional surfing event was occurring, and local bars were airing the National Football League nearby.

Being from New York, odd things like this are somewhat normal. Yet the people back home that participate in these “normal” activities were indeed crazy. Ironically, The people here seemed normal and were doing a crazy thing. I tried to find a way to justify such odd (and random) actions in my head, but couldn’t. Maybe they were in a cult? Nah, too far-fetched. Could it be that these people just enjoyed what they did? Not caring what others thought, or imagined?

Who wouldn't want to live life like that? So care free. So non-judgmental. Not necessarily living like a hippy, yet, enjoying what you do because you actually do, and not because you’re supposed to or have to.
It sounds like a typical clich√© phrase, “live like today is your last day”, but how many of us actually do? I’ll be the first to say, I don’t. And maybe I should.

Nonetheless, after reading that E-mail, and the initial disappointment, I thought of the couple and the band on the beach. This world is too wicked in nature to be upset. And life is full of so many choices, yet is too, and so short. Just be happy, and lead with your heart.

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