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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Nothing Like The Holidays (2008)

What’s it about?

A Puerto Rican family in the city of Chicago deals with issues that can potentially ruin their family, and make this their last Christmas together.

Who is in it?

Luis Guzman - Johnny

John Leguizamo – Mauricio Rodriguez

Debra Messing – Sarah Rodriguez

Alfred Molina - Edy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez – Jesse Rodriguez

Favorite Scene

After the family are all reunited, the many hints of trouble finally to come to a boiling point when the mother tells the family that she is filing for divorce. The announcement causes each family to emotionally respond and unveil their issues with one another, and within themselves.

Favorite Quote

Sarah - “Why is everyone fighting?”
Mauricio - “They’re not fighting, we’re conversating”
“Sometimes you feel like you don’t want the same things anymore. But you stick it through. And in the end, you fall in love all over again”


Nothing Like the Holidays might be the best Holiday movie I have seen in a very long time. The movie, which revolves around the problems of various individuals, and how it affects the family as a whole is a refreshing plot from the usual happy, go-lucky holiday movie. The characters in the film are genuinely authentic, and interact like a real family would at the holidays – with arguments, frustration, fighting, stress, and love. It is definitely a film that viewers will be able to connect with, while being very funny as well.

Nothing Like the Holidays is a great film for the upcoming holiday season for all. A great film that presents a warm holiday feel, with all the issues families endure at this time, and without the usual hokey, Hollywood, romantic, sappy story.

Grade: 3/5

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