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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 11/13/22

3 Up

1. Election Day - Despite everything surrounding the topic of voting, the barriers that still are included in it, the lack of education on it, and the ethics on the larger stage in regards to it (i.e. gerrymandering, denial, etc...), there is still something of a blessing in a democracy, and in the civic duty and right of voting. 

I hope you voted this week - and voted with an educated intent. 

1A. - Veterans Day - Thank you to all of those who served. It's because of you that elections exist for us to screw up engage in. 

2. Universal Free Lunch - There is so much "pro-life" talk which now is stigmatized on the topic of abortion. However, little is often discussed on how truly help children on "pro-life" matters. So much props to the state of Colorado for voting for Universal free lunch for all public school students. Lunch is a huge deal and a big difference maker in closing achievement gaps and giving opportunity and access - much love for Colorado here. 

3. Dave Chappelle - I may get heat for this - but Chappelle is brilliant. Always able to tackle the toughest topics with intelligence, comedy, and thoughtfulness. 

3 Down

1. Slavery Vote - Yo, four states literally voted on the legality of slavery, and all but one, voted as you you expect. Yup, that's right, Louisiana voted against it. They want to keep enslavement as a punishment for committing crimes. Cue up Monica Alexander's The New Jim Crow book, or the Netflix document 13th here. 

Regardless, just taking a step back, it's truly sickening. Even for the states that voted Yes to abolish slavery, it wasn't an overwhelming response. 

That's us. 

2. Somalian Starvation - This story is absolutely heartbreaking, humbling, and mind-numbing. We're talking about famines in countries...famines. So sad. 

3. Twitter Culture - There are real people disappearing from your feed that you relied on, and all sorts of fake people, pretending to be those people you rely on, who suddenly spread misinformation. For what, really? I'm not exactly sure. But Elon is getting $8 bucks a month for it. 

And now there is Mastadon and all sorts of other social media options. 

Anyone else thinks Elon Musk purchased Twitter to outright destroy it. And of course, am I the only one intrigued if somehow social media didn't play a larger role in our society once again? 

Eh...wishful thinking. 

Cover Photo

A Washoe County employee uses a shovel to knock snow off trees outside a voting center on November 8, 2022, in Reno, Nevada. 

Trevor Bexon / Getty

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