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2011 Bucket List - #8 Finish “The Purpose Driven Life”

Imagine spending ten minutes each day, for forty days, as a way to focus and give meaning to your entire life. Tough, huh? Well, it is indeed possible, as yours truly managed to do so over the past sixty days. Yes, sixty, sorry, sometimes life just happens. However, after wanting to do so for a very long time, I managed to complete the best seller and highly regarded book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

After receiving the book prior to beginning college, I’ve started and stopped several times without thoroughly completing the forty chapters. As number eight on the 2011 Bucket List, yours truly finally completed it from cover to cover.

And while there are still many, many topics covered by Warren that I would like to review and get more in-depth with, the book is one that is highly recommended for all to read. Without giving away any lessons, thoughts, or questions raised throughout the forty chapters, Warren focuses on redirecting an individual’s life to the purposes God had and has for us. It will force you to realize the many meaningless worries, possessions, and focus that dominate our lives. 

The three biggest points I’ve kept with me so far – everything in life is a test, a trust, and is temporary.


I hope so. As it is a great book that will completely change your outlook on God, life, and maximizing the connection between the two.

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