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Stupid. Disgusting. Unbelievable.

Often times I am blown away by the sheer stupidity in some of the cases and crimes that are reported on the nightly news, or become mainstream stories. About half of those times I shake disgust in what seems like a senseless crime, or a crime that just forces you to wonder about the morals and sense consciousness, or lack thereof, that human beings have. And yes, there are those few times where some of these cases cause an uproar that is blatantly unnecessary, and in many ways baffling in thought that there is a defense.

The story of the Cleveland, Texas gang rape is a story that just carries all three of the descriptions below. It has blown me away with it’s stupidity. It is disgusting. And it has an unbelievable share of protestors defending the guilty. 

For those of you who are unaware of the Cleveland, Texas gang rape saga, feel free to click here (and here) for precise details on the story. How twenty-eight men can gang rape an eleven year-old girl repeatedly is indeed mind blowing. The fact that the men range in age from 16-27 is absolutely disgusting. And get this, the town of Cleveland, Texas is split (yes, split!) on who to blame in this situation – the 28 young men, or the 11 year old girl.

I know I’ve often attacked our continuing crass society and its shameful movement toward shifting blame and irresponsibility to some sort of pressure, disorder, or disease. And I admit, maybe sometimes I can be a bit conservative in my approach, but in this situation, there is no doubt about it – this is just blatantly wrong. A clear red flag of a missing piece of decency as we move forward.

It is terrible that a group of animals (sorry that’s how they behaved) raped an innocent girl repeatedly. What is even more mind boggling is the fact that there were men as old as twenty-seven participating in such an act. Twenty-seven!

And the defense? That the 11 year old looked older, dressed very promiscuous, hung out with older boys, and her parents (who both have severe health issues) were unaware of her whereabouts

Does that even warrant a comment?

As this story continues to evolve in small town, USA, I can’t help but have an array of emotions on where our future is headed. 

Are we now raising children to act this way?

And what happened to the innocence of a child? 
Heck, what happened to the integrity of a grown man?

Are we now defending such acts?

In an interview with a FOX reporter, a mother of one of the twenty-eight men, more specifically, a nineteen-year-old suspect, had the following to say:
FOX 26: What did you do? Did you talk to your son?
Hancock: Yes I did. Yes I did. I said, ‘Baby, I’m your momma. You can talk to me.’ (The victim) said she was 17 years old and that’s what he told me.
FOX 26: But Anita, a lot of people would say, ‘This is an 11 year old child. Even if she lied, she’s eleven.’
Hancock: I understand that. I understand that. I’m not defending him. I’m not defending her. I’m not defending no child because if it were my child, I would feel the same way. My point is, where was her mother?
FOX 26: If this was reversed. If your son wasn’t your son, but you were the mother of this 11 year old, what would you do? What would you say? What is justice?
Hancock: First of all, I would know where she was. That’s the justice. Not knowing where your baby is is not justice. I feel like she should be accounted for not knowing where your baby at.
FOX 26: What lesson does your son need to learn?
Hancock: ID. Identification. This (holding up nametag and picture) is what you ask for baby.
FOX 26: So you’re going to tell your son, next time he meets a girl to ask for her ID?
Hancock: Identification.
Identification. That’s her advice. That’s her motherly advice

Stupid. Disgusting. Unbelievable.

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