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A Year of Answering Never…

The Rock vs. John Cena.
April 1st, 2012.
Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Florida.
Wrestlemania 28.
It seems almost fictional to believe that this match will occur a year from now, however, after last night’s Monday Night Raw, it appears this dream match will become a realiity for all wrestling fans. A match that can possibly have one of the biggest box office draws for a Wrestlemania pending nothing major occurs within the next year.

However, before we delve into this issue, Wrestlemania XVII cannot go by without a few comments made on the biggest wrestling shot of the year. In a fashion that is a true old school Dome Pondering gimmick, for all of you long-time DP devotees, let’s take a quick look back at the event in the format of, “10 Rhetorical Questions”:
  1. Isn’t it absurd that with over four hours of airtime, Shaemus vs. Bryan Danielson had to be cut from the main card?
  2. Does Rock have the ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his, or what?
  3. And isn’t it weird to think that at one point WCW, ran a Monday Nitro taping out of the same building? How times have changed.
  4. How weird was it to see a World Heavyweight Title Match open Wrestlemania?
  5. And how shocked were you that Del Rio did not walk out with the gold?
  6. Isn’t the RKO the best finisher in the business today?
  7. DPWM27Review
    The streak continues...
    Say what you want about her or Jersey Shore, but how impressed were you with Snooki’s double hand spring splash?
  8. Wasn’t Undertaker vs. Triple H well worth the show? 
  9. Once again, with all due respect to “Mr. Wrestlemania”, Shawn Michaels, but how great is the Undertaker on the big stage?
  10. Even after suffering a nasty concussion along with his ability to finish the math, has The Miz entered the conversation as best in the business right now, or what?
Yet, as good as Wrestlemania XVIII was, it is gone. With Wrestlemania XVIII on the radar, the WWE has made it’s main event a year out. A move that has never been done, and quite honestly, is very interesting.
Rock vs. Cena is the type of main event, the type of attraction, the type of marquee that can indeed sell itself a year out before the event. Rock vs. Cena is the exact type of match that can withstand a year worth of build-up and hype, something that even boxing and mixed martial arts could not do. Rock vs. Cena has the opportunity to be something very special. 
Let’s not forget that WM28 is in Miami, the home of The Rock, which could make for a volatile and electric crowd, depending on who has the upper hand at that moment.
DPWM28As a traditionalist wrestling fan, I often complain of the amount of time between pay-per-views and special events in the current age of the monthly pay-per view, and sometimes bi-monthly pay-per-views. Things are often rushed and even sometimes, thrown together. However, with this dream match, things can slowly build. Slowly simmer. Slowly develop into what could be the biggest main events in Wrestlemania History. 

Quite honestly, only in pro wrestling can fans get a match or showdown where generations collide. 
The Rock, one of the many faces of the generation that I grew up watching. One of the biggest talents to ever come from the wrestling industry. On the other side is the likes of John Cena, pro wrestling’s biggest star today who is loved by children of all ages. Both have also enjoyed success outside of the ring with movies and other projects. Simply put,  both are larger than life personalities. 
And while we’ve seen previous matches such as Rock vs. Hogan and AJ Styles vs. Sting, it is very rare that we’ve seen such a generational clash where both parties are very much in their prime – maybe even never, which seems fitting.
Never has there been a year long build up for a Wrestlemania. 
Never has there been a marquee matchup quite like this, with potential like this. 
The next year should be very interesting.

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