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All Grown Up

Out in the open

Are all the secrets once hid,

Innocence no longer protecting,

All the things never known you did.


The person I thought you were,

And all the “times” we shared,

Now seems like a footnoted blur,

And I question whether you really cared.


I’m no longer a little boy,

And my loyalty is no longer blind,

Truth can no longer be coy,

For it is what I intend to find.


So quit thinking of you,

Quit covering up,

Quit doing what you do,

And just give it to me straight up.


I’m all grown up, I’m all grown up


Because of my age,

I’ve been exposed to the real you

Nothing left to gauge,

Nothing left to review


I now see the real you,

Unsure if it is a sight I can bear

I wonder if know you are exposed too,

I wonder, where do we go from here


I’m all grown up, I’m all grown up

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