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Anthony Weiner a Laughing Stock For Alarming Trend

DPAnthonyWeiner Unfortunately, for Congressman Anthony Weiner, his last name makes the latest scandal that much funnier. 

And in all honesty, while the scandal on Weiner sexting and having extra marital relationships via telephone and social media is another black eye on our society the whole situation has really evoked laughter from yours truly. 

Now, I understand what Weiner did is a serious issue. And quite frankly, my heart goes out to his wife, Huma Abedin, who is now pregnant with child. She is the one married to Weiner, and she is the one that is ultimately humiliated in this whole ordeal. 

However, while my seriousness begins and ends at genuine feelings for Weiner’s wife, the entire situation just flat out baffles me to the point of laughter. I understand we are now in an age of easy communicating access through Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging, but the whole idea of “sexting” and sending lewd pictures of one’s private parts just causes me to wonder – what’s the point?


Over the past few years, we have seen various men exposed for such pictures – most notably coming to mind Brett Favre and Sean Salisbury, former ESPN reporter, who was fired for sending a similar picture to a co-worker. 

And while sex in our culture has always been a topic that has brought out the worst in certain individuals, this “behavior” that is becoming a common trend is alarming. 

Yet, I still don’t see the point. 

Does one not think taking shirtless photos of themselves is odd? What goes through your head before you snap a photo of your genitals before sending it? 

Oh boy, this will really win her over!  

Whether Weiner should resign from his position is a debate I shockingly, have no opinion of. For we’ve seen politicians in the past have sex scandals and continue on in their office. Sadly, our society, myself included, is now desensitized to such stories. 

However, in a weird way, Weiner is in a sex scandal, without even having sex? 

Ok, that was the last one, I Promise. 

Oh, and yes, what Mr. Weiner did was in fact a case of infidelity. 

Nonetheless, while this is indeed quite funny, Weiner, and all of the men in America that partake in this cyber-relationship phenomenon, need to take a look at themselves in the mirror, and not take a shirtless picture of themselves, but realize how ridiculous it is. However most importantly, through all of the situations we’ve seen so far,  they must realize just how much damage something that seems so lustful without actual physical contact, can do to their lives.

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