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An Honest Look At Legalizing Gay Marriage


History was made last night. And while it seems the majority of those around me are celebrating this radical change and momentous occasion, I lack the the same type of enthusiasm. Truthfully, I’m not excited at all. At. All. There is a part of me during this history changing time that feels disappointed, and the other part of me knows that this is more that just a milestone for “change”, of the positive kind.

Of course, I am talking about the passing of the bill here in New York State that will now legalize same-sex marriage.

I've always been brutally honest with this little blog called Dome Pondering, and in the past I have admitted that I do not support same-sex marriage.

I understand that I am now in the minority, but I still (and will always will) remain firm to this belief. Even though, it seems many have either have had a change of mind, or have just gone with what has become popular, almost fad-like, in supporting the same-sex marriage cause, I still remain true to the sanctification of marriage being between a man and a woman.
I have no reserve in saying that today. None.

Now, I’m not going to go into any rant on why same-sex marriage is wrong, or why I do not support it, as I believe such arguments have been done to the point where people just tune out. I will remain truthful and say that my biggest issue with the entire gay lifestyle are various questions I have never been able to wrap my mind around. I've consistently (and still do) opened the forum up to many to chat if they can provide the answers. I enjoy debate, and would love to hear responses to my unanswered questions without the hostility, politicking, and forced agendas. Please, I’m all ears. 

With that said, on the other end, I will openly admit that my reasons against same-sex marriage surround my faith, and to a limited extent, my studies in physiology. I love God. I love Jesus. And through several years of graduate study, there is more science going against a gay lifestyle than there is supporting the Lady Gaga reasoning of, “being born this way”.
Nonetheless, as the announcement came across the screen last night that New York State passed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage, I had several reactions to this milestone change.

The first being that yes, marriage has indeed lost a bit of it’s legitimacy. And yes, I truly, truly believe that. The door is now wide open for other minority groups that began the same way the gay community did, to fight for their version of marriage. Their expression of holy matrimony. Their type of “equality”.

And the second reason, which is the most frustrating, is that the passing of this bill is strictly political. While I am sure gays are excited about the bill, and deem it as a social hurdle, the passing served two purposes – create an early approval rating hike for newly elected Governor Cuomo, and to help infuse the economy of a state riddled with flaws due to corruption.

I for one second do not believe that Cuomo pushed this bill forward to “create equality”. This is a guy that stood there and acknowledged himself a man of faith, and that this was the “next step”. Playing both sides of the fence of that would massage the big decision. Almost, somewhat help easing the passing of this bill to those that oppose.

Yeah, right.

This bill was about the $184 Million that is expected to be tossed into New York State’s economy through wedding services that are expected to take place when same-sex marriage becomes official.

This is about a state that is so desperate to fix one problem, it is willing to do anything.


Well, the fact of the matter is, we are here now. And there is no turning back.

Same-sex marriage is here to stay.

And now the growing polygamist want their “equality”. And those that look to marry their pets.

The door is now wide open on marriage, and the slippery slope is wet for trials.

As the old adage goes, be careful, what you wish for.

Hopefully, it was worth $184M, and the complete and utter ignoring of your creator.

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