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Remembering The 2011 MLB Season

After one of the best World Series in my lifetime, the 2011 Major League Baseball Season is now complete. In a season that gave us many stories, milestones, and moments, the ultimate prize being won by the St. Louis Cardinals is the biggest and most memorable of them all. A team making the playoffs after being seven and half games back of the wild card spot heading into the final month of the season - impressive. A team making the playoffs after being out three games with five to play - remarkable. A team beating the likes of the Phillies rotation sporting names like Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels - stunning. A team outlasting the Brewers offense - astonishing. A team that was a strike away from losing the World Seriese - twice! - and managed to win the entire thing - awesome! The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals is a team that I will always remember for their fortitude, their incomparable spirit, and their never say die attitude led by a Hall of Fame manager/innovator in Tony LaRussa.

Here are some other moments that yours truly will remember from the 2011 MLB Season:

  • Sam Fuld's insane catch. Yes, Sam Fuld.
  • Francisco Liriano finally putting it together for one night, reaching his ceiling and tossing a no-no. 
  • Jose Bautista proving that last year was no fluke by smashing 43 homeruns and hitting .302. 
  • Notwithstanding all the rumors and allegations of the Blue Jays tipping pitches via scout-in-the-seats at the Rogers Centre.
  • Justin Verlander, and his insane video game-like stuff and numbers. 
  • David Ortiz's resurgence as a legit DH in the Show.
  • Bust Posey getting smashed at home plate, and the ridiculous debate by some circles on coming up with ways to "protect" catchers. 
  • Curtis Granderson's flirt with becoming one of the game's most complete players.
  • And Matt Kemp's claim to being the game's most complete player. 
  • Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit being a homerun on a 5 for 5 day. Awesome. 
  • Jim Thome's 600th hit. Hall of Famer, period.
  • Justin Upton as the face of the young and upcoming Arizona Diamond Backs. 
  • Mariana Rivera 602nd save. Greatest Ever. 
  • Ben Revere's over the shoulder catch.
  • And Jeff Francouer's bid to top it.
  • Robinson Cano becoming the new face of the New York Yankees. 
  • Mike Napoli's performance in the 2011 Playoffs.
  • Nelson Cruz's clutch home runs throughout the playoffs. 
  • Josh Hamilton's gutty performance during the World Series with an injured groin.
  • Albert Pujols' Game 3 of the World Series. 3 Homeruns. 5 Hits. 6RBIs. 14 Total Bases. 
  • Let's not forget the first of the three home runs which was a moonshot similar to his 2005 NLCS home run off of Brad Lidge.
  • And finally, David Freese, the kid that was able to live the dream shared by baseball fans all over the world.

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