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365 Thought Provoking Questions: Answered #353-365

Well, here we are, the final set of the 365 Thought Provoking Questions. Once again, let's give credit to the folks over at Marc and Angel Hack Life for the wonderful blueprint of questions that has not only racked the brains of many, but has given many bloggers and internet enthusiasts something productive to delve into. It's been a blast, and hopefully we can begin another section of interesting questions that keeps the issue of life and the reminder of never becoming complacent with it in on our radars. So without further adieu, here are the final questions:

354. Where do you spend most of your time while you’re awake?

Well, at the place every other hard-working, middle class American spends the majority of their time - at work. For me it's behind my desk in a cubicle with two other co-workers I am lucky to say I have fun with and who make the day go by much quicker. 

Maybe someday I'll hit the lotto and can spend it on the beach. Wouldn't that be nice...

More Thought Provoking Questions. Answered.

355. What makes someone a hero?

Someone that is willing to give of themselves in a sacrificial, or sometimes courageous way in order to benefit another who is in need of assistance. 

356. When in your life have you been a victim of stereotyping?

There have been many times. I still get looks when I talk about bands or country music. As if all black kids from Brooklyn simply listen to rap and hip-hop only! I think I got a lot of that when I went to college and was around some who came from backgrounds that weren't as diverse as the one I was fortunate to have been raised in. No melting pot like New York City. 

357. When was the last time you felt lucky?

I'm not a huge believer in luck, as I truly believe everything happens for a reason. And often that is influenced by our decision making, or our sheer hard work. 

358. When did you first realize that life is short?

When I found out a kid I knew was killed at the age of twelve. It really began the thought process that any moment - any single moment - could be our last. 

359. What is the most insensitive thing a person can do?

Make decisions and actions that involve other people and not consider those people at all in the decision and/or how the ramifications of thus decision will affect them. 

360. What can someone do to grab your attention?

Smile and be genuine. And if it's not direct, then anything pro wrestling grabs my attention. I know, it's sad. For example, just the other day, among the masses of people during rush hour headed to work in Manhattan, I noticed one guy wearing a "Beer Money" t-shirt. Beer Money was a tag team in Impact Wrestling. The next day he had on a CM Punk shirt, and the next, a "Macho Man" shirt. Needless to say, we stopped at the same cart guy one morning, and I of course had to chat him up on his awesome gear. 

Once again, sad, I know. 

361. What do you usually think about on your drive home from work?

Whether it's a gym day, and if it is, my goals and plans for that days work out. Usually, it's what's for dinner? And what are we doing for the night? Movie? Knicks? Yankees? Wrestling? Cyclones Game? Going out? Whatever is on tap. 

362. What’s one downside of the modern day world?

I hate to say, but it's social media. I'll admit, I'm a huge Twitter fanatic. It's an easy way to get news, and a great way to interact with others. However, Twitter, and especially Facebook, has added to the narcistic indulgence of our society, and has caused some people to become attached to their phones or computers instead of actually living life. We all know some people who tweet all day long and are constantly on Facebook, but have not made any strides in real life. 

363. What simple fact do you wish more people understood?

People are people. I always say that, and I do believe that. We're more alike than we think, yet, throughout history we've focused on the ways in which we are different such as race, religion, ethnicity etc...

364. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Nope. Are their regrets? Sure. But even the wrongs have somehow taught me lessons. Sounds cheesy, but all of it has made me the person I am today. 

365. How would you describe your future in three words?

Effervescent. Exciting. Eternal. 

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