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Gun Control Is Well Overdue

It only took a massacre shooting for the issue of gun control to be brought to the forefront of our political table. However, lo and behold, the topic is now one on our radars with an impending presidential election coming in November. And sadly, in the wake of such a massacre, and several other deaths, especially those of children here in New York City and around the country, you have to wonder, when is enough, enough? 

I completely understand the NRA's sole position in defending the stance against gun control - the United States Constitution. After all, that's a pretty heavy defense, and a very powerful ingredient of what makes this country so great. 

However, after reading stories like this, and this, and this, how can we honestly and logically dismiss the issue of gun control? 

In a society where we can openly purchase rifles at the local Walmart and can obtain firearms with less background checks than it takes to obtain an apartment, the potential chance for weapons landing in the hands of nutcases to facilitate these tragedies is far too great. 

To echo actor Jason Alexander's outburst on twitter, which is actually pure genius, why are semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles available under the right to bear arms? 

What purpose would a gun that is designed for war and to cause as much destruction and killing as possible serve to a civilian? 

For sport? Hardly. 

And I find it downright appalling, bordering comical, that those who oppose gun control suggest that if movie-goers were equipped with firearms to defend themselves, such an action would never happen? 



And if you buy that argument, how about children that were recently innocently killed across our nation to gun violence? 

Would they have been able to defend themselves if they too hand a firearm? 

And honestly, is the perfect world for opposers of gun control include everyone being strapped? 

How does that solve anything? 

Listen, the right to bear arms was put into place to simply offer citizens of our country the opportunity to defend themselves with the use of firearms, or for recreational purposes. 

However, as many things have been amended in the past to meet the needs of our evolving society, the time has come to control and restrict the way guns are sold and provided throughout our nation. For starters, how about we begin by enforcing more rigid background checks and heck, while we are at it, mental examinations. We have to take such tests to gain entry into schools, but it is not necessary to acquire a fire arm that can kill? 

If we begin to restrict guns in or country with a concerted effort to monitor where and whom hands they are in legally, further maniacs such as the one (I refuse to use his name and give him the satisfaction) that caused such pain in Aurora, Colorado can be reduced. 

As Alexander mentioned in his tweet, would further restrictions put a complete halt to future tragedies and instances of wild gun use? No. However, such restrictions will surely and significantly reduce the number, and most likely would deter anyone with crazy plans. 

It's time to start making this issue a real concern that produces real results. 

Innocent people are dying. And guns are in the wrong hands more and more everyday. 

Take a look at our streets. And take a look at the pages of our newspapers.

For we are well behind on gun control laws. And the recent tragedies across the country prove it. 

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