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365 Thought Provoking Questions. Answered #338-353

338. Where or who do you turn to when you need good advice?

I have a terrible support system. Not because my friends are awful, but because I usually try to solve my own problems internally - yes, meaning by myself. It's not the greatest system, and actually it isn't recommended, but somehow, I continue to do it. It is definitely something I need to change. 

However, in those rare moments where I do need to bounce things off of someone, I'll do so with the tag team partner, with my mom (who always will be on my side), and of course, turn to faith. 

339. What artistic medium do you use to express yourself?

I'm not much of an visual artistic person if that is what this question is focusing on. My wife has most of that  element through her photography and/or interior designing career, so most of the artistry ability in the relationship is carried on her end to balance our marriage.

I'm the words and reasoning end, as you can tell by this little blog here called Dome Pondering. 

So my artistic ability is pretty much well before you on this site. Yes, you are now allowed to ooooh and ahhh at the magnificent gallery here.

More Thought Provoking Questions. Answered.

340. Who or what is the greatest enemy of mankind?

Simple, ourselves. Mankind is the greatest enemy to mankind. When you truly wrap your mind around it, we screw up so many things it's unbelievable. 

341. What’s something you wish you had done earlier in life?

I wish I had come to grips with self-doubt, and realized that heck, I'm just as able as anyone else. 

But that's part of and learn. 

342. What is the closest you have ever come to fearing for your life?

Everyday in High School. haha. Second most dangerous school in NY State would do that to you. 

On a more serious note, I would probably have to say the day of 9/11. As described in a post marking the ten year anniversary of the day (9/11 Unanswered questions and Solid Truths Tens Years Later), many in this city had no idea what was going on, and with rumors of more attacks or potential nuclear attacks, fearing for your life was indeed a reality. 

343. How do you deal with isolation and loneliness?

Quite well, and probably better than most. Liking it too much obviously is bordering on insanity, but I am quite fine having alone time to hash out the thoughts in my head. 

344. What do you know well enough to teach to others?

Chill. I'm pretty good ant just chilling yo...I'll teach you anytime.  

345. What’s a quick decision you once made that changed your life?

I decided to change my mind on where I was going to college at the very last minute. I had the acceptance letters all signed and sealed for St. John's University on my desk to be mailed the next day, and then received my new acceptance letter (with changes to reflect new offered scholarship) to Cazenovia College. 

Couldn't have worked out better as I met my wife, one of my best friends, terrific people, learned from some great professors of whom I still keep in contact with, played a little baseball, and had a terrific time in Central New York for four years. 

346. What have you lost interest in recently?

Cartoons. I know, I know. But I am a big kid at heart. Cartoons today are terrible. 

347. What makes life easier?

Simplicity. Once we slow things down and stop attempting to beat life to the punch instead of enjoying the journey, things are much easier. 

348. What was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone?

Probably with my wife over something that we most likely were both wrong on. Wouldn't be the first time. 

349. What job would you never do no matter how much it paid?

Just recently posted a Pondering 10 list about that same topic. Check it out for the answer. (The Pondering 10 - Jobs I Never Want To Have)

350. What is the number one solution to healing the world?

I'm not even sure there is one answer. Heck, even in Biblical text the world was at odds. If there was one answer to it all, I would have to presume it would need to be supernatural, even divine. So I guess I'll go with Jesus as my final answer. 

351. What could society do without?

Terrible Diets. Arrogant people. Reality television. Inactive lifestyles. Unaccountable parents. People abusing welfare system. Drunk drivers. Drugs. Sexual predators. Just some that came to mind after reading the question. 

352. What stresses you out?

The New York Knicks. They really do. 

And of course, decisions that require me to take a risk. 

353. Now that it’s behind you, what did you do last week that was memorable?

Pshhhhhh, this question really makes me feel as if I wasted a week of my life... 

I would have to say the nice date night out with the tag team partner on Thursday night. We attended one of the events we put on at  work, a Muay Thai kickboxing event, and then had dinner afterwards. 

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