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The Pondering 10 - Common Fashion Dislikes

I'm no fashion expert, and by no means am I credible enough to offer advice on trendy looks and what's currently in-style. After all, I am a six-foot five, two hundred-forty pound man that often shops through Big and Tall sections. And for those of you who are fashion bloggers and fashion fanatics, take a look at those Big and Tall areas at your local mall and see exactly what we have to work with. It's hard. And its tough. A Big and Tall fashion blog is desperately in need for us above-average in size folks. Nonetheless, I like to believe I make it work. However, what doesn't work are certain fashionable uses by individuals that simply bug the heck out of me. Some might agree, and others may find these to be ridiculous, but I'll leave that up to  you, and I'd love to hear feedback from the fashionably gifted. The following Pondering 10 are common fashion uses that I absolutely dislike.

10. Over Accessorized Woman - I understand the usage of accessories in the outfit. My wife has more rings, necklaces, bracelets, and whatever else for every type of outfit than I can count. I completely understand and can appreciate how a subtle addition can "make" the outfit. However, it is that one woman that believes the philosophy of the more she can add on, the better. This woman bugs me. She wears bracelets like a teenager from the 80's, rings like an Italian mobster, and necklaces like shes channeling her inner Mr. T. Less is more. Someone needs to tell these women that. 

9. The Blob - This person somehow managed to put on an outfit that is all the same color. Everything, from head to toe, just one big blog of [insert color here]. I've been guilty of this before, however, unless your in your house, sick, colorblind, or in an emergency situation, there is no reason to look like that. 

8. Casually Dressy - I see this person every Friday on the Subway. Guys that try to keep it business-like, but believe jeans can replace dress pants in the outfit without replacing anything else for casual Friday in the office. What do you usually get? Combinations such as jeans and dress shoes; white colored shirts and ties with jeans; and even usages of suspenders with jeans. This. Does. Not. Work. What takes it to another level is when guys wear cargo jeans or carpenter jeans with side pockets or designer labels and insignias, then it just gets ultra sloppy. 

7. Casually...Lazy - This is sort of part II of casual Fridays, and this is also seen on the daily commute, especially on Wall Street. I get that you make tons of money and are part of some fancy brokerage firm. Understood. However, wearing a polo shirt with a sports jacket, or as a substitute for the collared shirt? Sorry, but that's just a terrible, and lazy look. Just press a collared shirt, it takes like 10 minutes to do. 

6. Peep Toe Shoes - Now this gripe is obviously with the ladies. And I'm begging - begging! - someone to explain this to me. What's the deal with peep toe shoes? What is the purpose? Is your big toe, and well, second largest toe (is there a name for that toe?) insanely warm, and the other three toes simply OK? After all, No one wears a glove with the thumb and index finger cut off. The peep toe shoe simply makes your feet look bunched with a nice little window for the world to see how truly uncomfortable the shoe really is. Hey, just this guy's opinion...

5. Extra Long Shorts on Short People - Speaking of useless purposes, isn't the point of shorts to expose more skin to keep you cool? Not a good look, and yes, I don't get it. 

4. Itty Bitty Shirt on Large Man - If you are a muscular man, I have nothing but praise for you. You worked hard to look the way you do. We see you. We give you your due. However, wearing a t-shirt from when you were in Middle School is not necessary to accentuate that. There is nothing wrong with wearing a shirt that is actually your size. Honestly, it is perfectly acceptable! Imagine that? And yes, we'll still be able to see that you are jacked. 

And for the growing trend of muscular men walking around with opened button up shirts...umm...yeah, you simply just look like a tool. 

3. Adults with Lude/Offensive/Obnoxious Sayings on Shirts - I'm a fan of a smart and quip shirt. Especially, when it is humorous or thought provoking. However, wearing anti-society, edgy, or just offensive shirts as an adult just makes you look immature. Teenagers and even college students who are still finding their way in this world get a pass, but to the thirty year-old man that has the shirt on with the f-word emblazoned across it, or the forty-five year-old woman that struts around downtown with "Hot Cougar" written on her shirt is such a sad cry for attention. You're better than that. And you can come up with a better way to present yourself, socially, and fashionably. We all believe in you. Now grow up and dress your age!

2. Not Dressing to Your Figure - As stated above, I'm a larger guy and there are certain things I know I cannot pull off with a taller figure. For instance, you won't ever see me walking around with Bermuda shorts and mid-high socks anytime soon. I CANNOT pull that off. It's the same way there are others who wear things they should not be. The one that really comes to mind is the person that is significantly larger and wears clothing that causes an eyesore for everyone around them. Such outfits can be seen on three hundred pound men who wobble around in skinny jeans and large women who wear tight valor outfits, causing you  to shake your head and ask, what did they see in the mirror before they left their house? And let's not even get into the women who have things like "sexy" written across their backsides when wearing these outfits.

I'm not picking on larger individuals, but the good Lord made us different sizes, and I do believe fashion is not universal. There is a style that works for you. 

1. Sagging Pants - This drives me nuts! Now I know (and admit), I grew up in the generation that started this trend and while I never participated in this, I am somewhat guilty by association. Back then, loose fitting clothes and baggy jeans were the in-thing. Sooooooo, it sort of worked. Still looked terrible, but it wasn't too terrible. Now, tight and fitting jeans are in, and watching the youth of America walk around trying to hold up skinny jeans that are at their mid thighs is just head scratching.

What boggles my mind is that this trend began in jail. Prisoners would sag their pants to signify to certain inmates that they were...ahem...well, inviting for a specific type of intimacy. 

We try to keep it PG here at the DP folks. 

Nonetheless, how this became the cool thing, is beyond me. But it bothers the heck out of me, and is such a stupid, stupid, STUPID, fashion trend. 

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