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The European Chronicles - 6/1/14

Day Six. 

Pisa, Italy.

Today didn't offer much as traveling was the name of the game. As I write this, I am staring out at probably the greatest visual for a city ever - Venice. What a beautiful and unique city. Gorgeous! 

However, today, we learned exactly what our tour guide meant when she said, "nothing is in Pisa, really". And boy was she right. Other than The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a few other architectural structures present, you quickly learn there isn't much to this famous tower other than it's a mistake not fixed for the sheer purpose of tourism. No, seriously! 

Especially, when you factor in that there are two other towers here in Venice, where we traveled to tonight, that are also leaning due to the poor structure below it. Again, it's a beautiful piece in person, but one that leaves a huge "ehhhh" after seeing it. Now it's merely a "been there, seen that" sort-of-deal. 

As stated, other than Pisa, it was mostly a travel day with nothing of note to share. We bused and bused, and bused...and then boated to get to Venice, here in Northern Italy. 

One last quick note, I learned a useless tidbit that could be beneficial if you plan on coming over here. Rest stop food in Italy is actualy pretty good. After all, everything is served fresh. No joke. We stopped for lunch, and I enjoyed freshly cooked pesto pasta from this rest stop fast food service. It sort of blew my mind. If you want, simply look up "Autogrill". 

Other than than, we're off to see some of Venice tonight, and resting up for another day in a new city. 

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