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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Eighth Grade (2018)

What is it about?

Kayla, an introverted 8th grader, attempts to survive middle school, while hoping to change herself in preparing for High School.

Who is in it? 

Elsie Fisher - Kayla Day

Josh Hamilton - Mark Day

Favorite Scene:

Kayla goes off on a girl prior to graduation about "being nice".

Favorite Quote:

"Growing up can be a little bit scary and weird."


Eighth Grade is a VERY unique film. It won't blow you away with storyline and cinematic value, but what makes this film worth the watch is its ability to connect any viewer who remembers middle school, and well, even high school.

The beauty (and fright) of this film is just how tremendously awkward and authentic Kayla goes about various situations, and of course, how she navigates life. Of course, the film is updated in current time, so for even a viewer like myself whose "social media" ran the gamut of AIM and chat rooms, it's easy to comprehend just how difficult middle school is with the likes of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and everything else.

At least home was a way to get away, and now, the awkwardness follows you there too - and just about everywhere.

Eighth Grade is a cool film that takes me back to my awkward days, and really, makes me scared for my son and what his days will be during this stage of life.

If you have some time, check this one out.

Grade: 2.5/5

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