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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Private Life (2018)

What is it about?

A couple struggling with fertility go to great lengths, even at the risk of their marriage.
Who is in it?

Kathryn Hahn - Rachel

Paul Giamatti - Richard

Favorite Scene:

Rachel storms around the house in the middle of a tirade, does so pants-less, and then goes and scrubs the tub in the bathroom.

Favorite Quote:

Sadie: Oh, my God, look at us. We're like an ad for assholes.

Rachel Biegler: You mean we're assholes, or we're part of an ad that's targeted to assholes?

Sadie: No, it's just that whole... people with cappuccinos in their lofts, with their laptops, dogs, with messy hair. You know, that whole fantasy. It's not your fault. You guys are authentic and real, you've just been co-opted by cultural mechanisms that create desirability. I took a media and consumer society course. It was pretty life-altering.


It's films like Private Life that make you really appreciate Netflix and the original content they produce. This film is absolutely fantastic on so many fronts and in so many ways, most noticeably, the focus it places on infertility, and the many aspects surrounding it.

Private Life is a fantastic tragedy. The film lets you in on the struggles and strains that come along with infertility, especially on the scope a person's marriage in trying to conceive. From the drugs, the discussions, the hope, and pitfalls - all of it felt like a surreal education into a life many overlook or are blessed to not have experienced.

Hahn and Giamatti - as always! - are absolutely fantastic. The film progress continues to will you to root for this couple who have gone to so many lengths just to have a child together.

Private Life is fantastic. If you want a film that is artistic, informative, entertaining, profound and very funny - this is it.

Grade: 4.5/5

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