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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Young Adult (2011)

What is it about? 

A middle-aged, divorced, fiction-writer returns home to rekindle a very old romance with her now happily married ex-boyfriend. 

Who is in it? 

Carlize Theron - Mavis Gary

Patton Oswalt - Matt Freehauf

Patrick Wilson - Buddy Slade

Favorite Scene: 

While in the woods behind their former High School, Matt let's Mavis hear some much needed truth about her failed attempt at moving on. 

Favorite Quote: 

"Why don't you use my crutch again as a metaphor? That was brilliant. That was masterful. Or no, save it for your little teenage stories because God knows you don't know s--- about being an adult!"


Young Adult is an interesting movie. It is very entertaining, incredibly simple, but overall, a great film for those individuals we know who just refuse to grow up. We all know the type -  the superficial, materialistic, shallow person that somehow still dwells on college and/or high school.

Charlize Theron does a great job in her role as the irresponsible and still searching for happiness, Mavis Gary. The depiction of her character is spot on, as Theron does a great job of making the Mavis character confused, obsessed, and crazy, with a little hint of making the viewer have sympathy for her.

Also, Patton Oswalt, always perfect in his role as the adult geek (See: Big Fan or even King of Queens), does so again as Matt, who has to live with baggage from the past, but has found ways to move on.

Young Adult is not a blockbuster must-see, but is a simple and solid movie that should be recommended for those "young adults" that refuse to grow up.

Grade: 3/5

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