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The IF Factor: Questions Answered #301-310

301. If you had to name a single song or album that you most associate with a particular period of your life, what song would you choose, and from what year?

This is a good one. To narrow it down is impossible, really. Not just to get around the question, but I truly believe there are many songs that take us back to periods or which we can associate a period of time in our lives. I think of Coldplay's Parachutes album and Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt album which takes me back to freshman year of college. Listened to those two albums (they were CD's!!) on my many road trips for college baseball. 

Whenever I hear "Machine Head" by Bush, I go back to each and every one of my College Debates, a song I listened to before all of them. Don't judge me. Whenever I hear anything by Diddy, Tupac, or the Notorious B.I.G., Mase, Nas, Busta Rhymes, or LL Cool J, it takes me back to Junior High School. Or how about Pearl Jam, which was played a lot at night during my High School years as I worked on starting a little blog called Dome Pondering. 

And of course, anytime I hear old school calypso or soca music, it takes me back to coming home from school on Fridays to my mom blaring those songs and the smell of her freshly (and amazing) made fried bakes filling the house.

As I said, there are a lot.

302. If you were to describe true generosity by using an example you witnessed, what would you choose?

I once saw a woman walk into a Starbucks, purchase a hot chocolate, walk out, and set it down next to a homeless man who was bundled up outside of the store. He wasn't begging, and to be honest, I don't believe they ever made eye contact.

It's a simple gesture, but sometimes it's the little and simplest things like that which are the hardest to do, which makes for the truest form of generosity. 

303. If you could go back and express gratitude about one thing in your life, what would it be, and to whom?

For me, it's the ability to walk. Born with two club and deformed feet, my left being the entire leg, there was a great chance walking normally would be unlikely. After having both fixed through multiple surgeries, doctors said physical play and activity in sports would be another unlikely. 

Give glory to God. Although with some minor issues, I walk normal, and managed to play college baseball. 

304. If you were to give an award to someone for being the most moral person, who would win, and what would the award be?

This is a tough question. Hard to give that title to someone, as sometimes you really have no idea what others are dealing with in their personal lives. Some of the most "moral" people can sometimes do some of the shadiest things in their lives. 

With that said, I'll go with my old youth pastor from many moons ago. The guy was tough, Brooklyn tough, but always tried to live according to God's law. And when he slipped up, was always man enough to admit it. I often try to emulate that quality. 

305. If you were to name the person or people you have the most compassion for, who would it be?

Immigrants. Not exactly a distinguishable group that comes to the minds of most, but the idea of someone coming from a foreign land, beginning their American life behind those who have had a head start in establishing themselves, and working hard to create a better life for themselves and for there family is something I always admire. 

There are too many entitled Americans who take the liberties and luxuries of this nation for granted. Just blogging...

306. If you could have kept a detailed diary of one period of your life, so that you could now reread it, what period would it be from?

Easily, my college years. There were plenty of moments, feelings, thoughts, reactions, and adversity that I would love to look back on and read. I still regret not making the effort to blog more during those years, even if it they were short and brief posts. 

307. If you devoted the next year to making as much money as possible above all else, how would you do it?

This question sounds like something I'm supposed to incriminate myself with. I guess I would pick up a weekend part-time job, and probably something more substantial during the summer months to maximize my income. 

308. If you had to name the most difficult thing about being a teenager today, what would you say?

Social media. Way too much pressure via social media. The struggle to fit in just doesn't stop at school anymore, it follows you home, on the weekends, and is non-stop. 

309. If you could be given a personal tour of any Hollywood celebrity's house, whose would you want to see?

Is Richard Branson a celebrity? If so, I choose him. He founded and owns Virgin and his home is on an island onto itself. That should explain it all. 

310. If you had to name the one thing you worried about most in high school, what was it, and did it merit all the fuss?

Surviving. Ha! 

That's actually sort of the truth as I went to a pretty rough High School. Yes, we had metal detectors and NYPD sweeps. By my senior year, no it wasn't worth all of the fuss. I realized that some people just weren't interested in doing much with their life.

Although, that high school taught me to be tough, refrained me from getting into gossip habits that is so easy at that age, kept me from falling into trying to impress others with clothes and other materials, and most of all, made me realize the unfortunate truth in life - again -  there are some who have no issues wasting there lives. 

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