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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/12/14

3 Up

1. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady - Both men, after all of these years, continue to dominant the quarterback position in football. It's quite shocking that again, it is both men leading their teams into next week's Broncos/Patriots showdown with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake. 

2. WWE Network - Kudos to Vince McMahon and company on doing something overtly different with their Network, their massive video library, and future programming by streaming it online, via apps, and through Smart TVs. Cable is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and the WWE is on the wave of the future. 

3. Amar'e Stoudemire - For a week, Stoudemire looked like his old self. For an athlete to decline rapidly as he has due to injuries, it's awesome for Stoudemire to not complain about playing time and make excuses, but rather continue to help the Knicks in any way possible. 

3 Down 

1. Polar Vortex - I hate winter. But this week was not winter, this week took winter, armed it with greater doses of the sheer things that made it easy to hate, and multiplied that by twenty. Temperatures below 0 degrees made for uncomfortable commutes, lots of layers, and intentional house sitting. No fun. Goodbye Polar vortex. Don't come back. 

2. Chris Christie - After being re-elected and having future goals of presidential proportions, it's really not a good idea to get caught up in political scandals that could possibly end in a removal from office. 

3. American School System - I'm really big on education reform for this country. Personally, I find it more in need than healthcare reform, especially after watching the documentary, Waiting For Superman. This story is just sickening. Sickening. 

Recent Favorites

DP Review of the Alternate Knicks Orange Jersey

One of the good aspects about having a blog and being truthful and honest about it, is the hindsight thought process it provides. DP devotees already know how much I love my New York Knicks, and how excited I was about their new jerseys last year. It was a new look that was desperately needed ( DP Review On Knicks New Uniforms ).  In reviewing those jerseys last year, I had the following comments in regards to then-rumors regarding the addition of an alternative orange jersey for the Knicks and overall NBA changes to the Christmas Day special jerseys:  "As long as we do not add an "alternative jersey" (I read rumors of an orange one - woof!) (and the league-wide Spanish jerseys are fine). And please, please - PLEASE - let's finally do away with the awful green jerseys we feel the need to wear on Christmas and St. Patrick's day! Pretty please!"

Quick Ponder: Daily Armor

Imagine, if we can see the dents and scratches, the smashes and chaos,  on the daily armor, each of us put on. Just imagine. 

Predictions and Wild Guesses for the 2024 MLB Season

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports After an off-season where the Los Angeles Dodgers spent the equivalent of a nation's GDP to acquire talent - I'm not sure if that's factual, but it felt like it - the 2024 MLB Season is finally here.  Sure, this Yankees fan is not just annoyed with the big spending of the Dodgers, but yeah, secretly envious as well. That used to be us, man!  Regardless, baseball is back on the docket. While my beloved New York Knicks have my attention and all of my heart, including what has been a fun March Madness period for men's and women's basketball, it's soothing to have baseball back. I can't explain what it is, but baseball just does that for me.  Nonetheless, let's do what we do in this post every year. Here are my wacky predictions and wild guesses for the 2024 season.  --- STANDINGS (WINS) AL EAST Orioles - 93 Yankees - 90 Blue Jays - 85 Red Sox - 82 Rays - 80 AL CENTRAL Twins - 88 Tigers - 86 Guardians - 81 Royals - 70 White Sox -