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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Megamind (2010)

Who is in it?

The usual villain, Megamind, defeats his long-time rival and nemesis in Metro Man, and loses the purpose for his life. 

Who is in it? 

Will Ferrel - Megamind

Tina Fey - Roxanne Richie

Jonah Hill - Hal Stewart/Titan

Brad Pitt - Metro Man

Favorite Scene: 

After creating Titan, Megamind cruises the streets looking for a good ol' fashioned duel between good and evil, except, he eventually finds the newly created Titan inside his apartment playing video games. 

Favorite Quote: 

"Funny. I guess destiny isn't the path chosen for us, but the path we chose for ourselves."

"Ow, my big blue head!"


Megamind is a great film. It really is. It is just another film among the many by Dreamworks that is well written, well put together, stocked with great talent on voice-overs, very funny, and simply highly entertaining.  

The film has characters that are very engaging, funny, and connects very well with the viewer. The story of good vs. evil, and the overall moral of finding the good within others add to the depth of the story. And the icing on the cake is the killer soundtrack included. 

Megamind is a great film that is very much recommended by everyone. You can't go wrong with such a quality movie for the 90 minute run time. 

Grade: 4/5

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